Why People Blog? Reasons For Blogging

reasons for blogging

People were writing blogs just to have fun and about their interest in the earlier time but now it has evolved to the great extent. Writing blog is the essential part for bloggers. They used to write blogs for many reasons which can bring knowledge, happiness, skills, money and may be many other things. It is […] Read More

8 Free Blogging Platforms For Beginners

free blogging

For beginners, there are many blogging platforms to use. Some are paid platform and some are free of cost. As due to human nature newbie have the curiosity to know about free blogging platforms. In today’s world of the blogging, beginners have many free blogging platforms to use. Many choices are there by which newbies can handle […] Read More

Does Blogging Cost?

Does blogging cost

The question which is asked by every newbie most frequently  ‘ Does Blogging Cost?’ Every newbie who enters in the field of blogging thinks if it’s possible to start his/her blog free of cost. We can’t criticize over it because every person doesn’t have much money to afford the cost of his/her dreams. But still, […] Read More

What Is Blog, Blogging And Blogger ?

What Is Blogging, Blogging

Every person who tries to learn and achieve anything in the web field, he/she will get so excited to know about Blog, Blogging, and Blogger. Here I am going to provide you some information about it. Blogging is a term derived from a word “weblog“. It is a most creative thing to do. Actually, some people do […] Read More