Do You Have That One Special Quality of a Successful Blogger

Special Quality of a Successful Blogger

The dream of becoming an entrepreneur is conventional and people are rolling their sleeves up to chase their dreams. Are you the one with a dream in your eyes? What if you aren’t on the right path? Are you horrified? Well, you should only if you’re not following that one master key to success. It’s […] Read More

How To Know If a Website Has Been Hacked or Not

how to know if my website has been hacked

Are you afraid that your website has been hacked by someone? Is my WordPress website hacked? How to know if my website has been hacked or not? These types of questions strike your mind when you handle a WordPress and don’t have the proper security. It’s always recommended to improve the security of your WordPress […] Read More

10 Things To Do Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

things to do before changing your wordpress theme

You must take care of the design of your WordPress blog for which you need to choose the best theme. In the previous days of blogging most of the bloggers use the free theme and after some time they change the theme to give an attractive look to their blog. When You switch to WordPress then you will […] Read More

10 Ways To Write Quality Comments At Every Blog You Visit

Write quality comments

Blog commenting isn’t new to anyone. Every time you read about building human relationships with your fellow bloggers, commenting comes in the first place. But how would you vow the blog owner with your comments? What’s your way to write quality comments at different blogs? This is one of the most important topics to discuss. […] Read More