How to Boost Your Email List With Social Media Platforms

Boost email list with social media

No doubt that social media platforms are considered as the source to build your brand and improve your lead generation. Have you ever thought to boost your email list with social media?

It may seem strange to many but with the power of social media, you can definitely get more email subscribers.

I have experienced that ignoring the email marketing really affects the business. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer or an entrepreneur, you should increase the email list.

Having a scale from zero to thousands isn’t easy but you can surely boost email list with social media to a greater extent.

In this article, you will learn about the different platforms which can help you target your audience for better exposure.

What are the Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers Using Social Media

Every social media platform has its own audience and you need to find out which platform is good for you.

#1. Use Facebook Page

You may have noticed that Facebook provides the freedom to add a button to the page. It’s called as the CTA button. Either you add a button to contact you or directly add a signup button.

I hope you know how to use the email list link to add to this button.

Boost email list

Copy the email list link from your email service provider’s account. Open your Facebook page and you can easily see the add a button option.

Paste it and you’re done.

It will help your convert your Facebook fans to your email subscribers.

#2. Use Facebook Ads

It’s an era where millions of small business owners are using Facebook Ads to expand their business. You can add a signup button while running an Ad.

Just like your Facebook page CTA button, a button will appear with the Ad.

It can bring more people to your email list depending on the success rate, the total reach, and engagement of your Facebook Ad.

You can attract more people by giving a special discount, something which can be excited. Let’s say you’re giving 75% off on your product or the free blogging coaching.

Email list with social media

It can be anything.

#3. Use Facebook Retargeting Pixels

I hope you know what are Facebook retargeting pixels. Well, if you don’t then let me put some light.

It’s a code which gets generated from your Facebook page to add to your website so that whenever people visit your website, they see the ad run by you on your Facebook page.

Facebook is smart enough to track the visitors.

It will help you convert your website readers to your email subscribers using the power of Facebook.

You should always install Facebook retargeting pixels before running any Ad.

#4. Twitter is also Providing its Ad Network

Just like Facebook, Twitter is also there to run your ads and get more leads. You can either use the website link or get more exposure to your tweets.

But here you want to boost your email list with social media and adding your website link is a better idea.

It’s because spreading your tweet with no link doesn’t make any sense. Though Twitter ad network is totally different from Facebook still, you can get enough exposure.

increase email list with social media

People like to engage more on Twitter as compared to Facebook.

#5. Share Your Old Posts

This is a win win situation. You can share your older posts on social media which will bring more traffic to your blog and even the people who will be interested in getting your newsletter.

You can also add an optin with such posts to get the direct lead. But it can be a little bit tricky for the newbies.

So focus on sharing the content on social media platforms as much as you can. Target the audience of the platform at which you have your presence.

Don’t try to be everywhere. Focus on only two platforms. I focus on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can decide yours.

#6. Pinterest Can Also be Helpful

Just like any other platform, Pinterest is also something you should try. You can add your pins to the lead generation board.

You can create a new board to attract more people by providing any kind of discount or coupons. Redirect your followers to a landing page of your website.

You can boost your email list with social media platforms like Pinterest to a greater level.

#7. Ask Your Friends and Followers to Share

Never forget the power of engagement. You have your online friends to help you, let them know what you’re providing and ask them to help you.

It takes only a second to share the content.

Ask the influencers to share it with their followers. It’s one of the most effective techniques. It’s lucrative and easy to employ.

I am a LinkedIn influencer and I know how many people get engaged with the content I share.

What’s Your Favorite Technique to Boost Your Email List With Social Media

I have always been a fan of social media platforms for a very long time. Whether you discuss getting leads or making sales, these platforms are always worth using.

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network and you should definitely try it. You can get more traffic, more leads, more sales, more clients, and more email subscribers.

Twitter is also a platform I would recommend. But if you have a decent Facebook fan following then it will surely help you.

I hope you can easily boost your email list with social media platforms. What’s your favorite platform? Are you going to try any new social media platform?

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by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hello
    Glad to read your post. E-mail list is also a best way to drive traffic in blog or website. I agree social media platform are consider as the source to build brand and improve lead generation.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post ravi. I already use twitter linking method to boost my site traffic. In this post I have learned
    facebbok and pinterest method to boost e-mail list.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  2. Hello Ravi,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    No, doubt e-mail list is something that whole blogger community is blessed with.

    These are some great social media tactics which can help us to build up a strong e-mail list.

    I never knew about the Facebook Retargeting pixels, this is something new I ma learning from here and it looks promising.

    These all social media hacks to increase our e-mail list is of great help and I am looking to try out these features.

    Thanks for the share.


  3. Hello Ravi,

    Fantastic Post. Adding email sign up URL on Facebook Page Sign up button is really a cool option to get subscriber for the blog. Sharing the old content is also one of the best ways to promote your blog posts. I have personally doing it and found it very effective. I hope these tips will definitely help the newbies.

  4. Hi Ravi,

    The money is in the list. You’ve heard that before, right? Yeah, I’ve heard and proven that too. Boosting your email signups using the social media as a tool to do that can be easy, if you know how and can take the risk. I have used the Facebook Ad, Sharing old posts and Pinterest respectively.

    Those practices are good. The ROI when I did such was amazing. However, I haven’t tried Twitter Ads. I may do that when it’s added to my budget, in future. Thanks for sharing, and I just shared it!

    Good day 🙂

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