22 Blogging Goals To Have A Dream Blogging Career.

blogging goals

Blogging is the dream business of many people who want to be their own boss.

In the past few years, blogging has become one of the most interactive pieces of the internet. People are really into writing, sharing their ideas and experiences.

But every blogger has something unique. Don’t you have your blogging goals?

What do you want for your blog in upcoming time? These questions will have their answers.

But you can’t match it with anyone’s choice. Some people want to make money whereas others have goals to build a better blog which can help everyone.

Can You Relate To Any of The Blogging Goals From The List?

People have their own perspectives about blogging success.

I am going to provide you a list of goals which can click you at some point.

#1. You Want To Write At Least 100 Articles In A Year.

Most of the people get confused when it comes to the post schedule. But the thing is how are you going to handle it for your blog?

Are you going to write each post for a day or twice a week? Well, on an average, bloggers have the goal to write at least 100 articles in the 365 days.

It means one post in 3 to 4 days.

#2. You Want To Improve The Alexa Ranking.

There is no blogger who is not aware of the fact that Alexa ranking is something people consider as your blog’s authority.

What are the things you can do to improve Alexa ranking of your blog?

Do you have any goal for your blog? I have talked to many people and most of them have the goal to bring the ranking near 100K.

Though most of them are not successful but still, they work hard to reach nearby.

#3. Speed Is What You Crave For.

Website speed is one of the major concerns of many bloggers.

People try hard to improve the page loading time so that user’s experience can be better. Even Google loves fast loading websites.

What are your blogging goals? Are you going to reduce the page loading time below one second?

You should minify your website and reduce HTTP requests to get positive results in terms of website speed.

#4. You Want To Increase The Number of Comments.

To measure the growth of your blog, many people look on the people who comment on your blog posts.

How many comments you get?

Are you thinking about getting more comments? It can be the goal of many bloggers. The best thing is to comment and get the love in the return.

Reciprocity is the best action you can have and give.

#5. Are You Dreaming About 100000 Visitors?

what are your blogging goals

Every now and then, you get to read that most of the famous blogs get the 100000 visitors per month.

Is it what you want for your blog? How to promote your website to get 10000 visitors? This is one of the most common blogging goals people have.

Especially, the newbie bloggers boost their self-esteem and jump in the blogosphere. But they should know that hard work and patience is required to reach that line.

#6. You Want To Increase The Facebook Likes.

Facebook is one the most interesting yet user-friendly social media platforms where people can easily interact with each other.

Every blogger creates a page and tries to increase Facebook page likes by many techniques. Some even get paid likes.

What are you going to do? What’s your strategy?

#7. You Want To Be The Twitter King/Queen.

From the past few years, people are up for Twitter marketing and they are really into that.

What’s your goal for Twitter? Aren’t you going to use the power of the retweet? If you’re good with communication then Twitter can get you some lead.

You can drive traffic to your blog from this mesmerizing social media platform.

#8. You have Your Blog Commenting Goal.

Apart from getting more commenting, you may have also thought about commenting on other’s blog.

Don’t you comment to build strong human relationships with your fellow bloggers? You know that blog commenting is the best thing to accomplish your blog relationship goals.

What are the ways to write quality comments?

#9. Are You Going To Focus on LinkedIn?

No doubt that LinkedIn is the largest professional network where people share their ideas.

Do you have any goal for this amazing platform?

To get more exposure, you should know the ways to create a professional LinkedIn profile. The first catchy place is your profile.

Embrace it and get more leads.

I have some tips for a professional LinkedIn profile.

#10. Do You Think About Your Targeted Audience?

Every time you read about any guide to boost the traffic rate, you find the concept of knowing your audience.

Is there anything you want to change about your current audience? If you’re writing only about yourself then start focusing on your readers.

What about your new readers? What’s your goal?

#11. Does The Bounce Rate In The List?

Along with the page loading time and all other things, you should also look for the tricks to reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

People provide the guide to add more and more links in between your articles so that your readers can engage with your content for a longer period.

#12. Are You Worried About the Organic Traffic?

blogging goals

The nature of your blog’s traffic is different. You get the visitors from the social media, direct traffic and the organic traffic.

What’s your blogging goals? Are you going to focus on getting more traffic from Google or social media?

Most of the bloggers try hard to improve their organic traffic to improve their blog authority.

#13. Do You Have Domain Authority In Your List?

Every time you are asked about the authority of your blog, it’s about the domain authority which is checked.

Many marketers, social media managers search for the high domain authority blogs for the sponsored posts. It’s the best way to make money for bloggers.

You just have to write the posts for any company or a famous blog and add their link in the article. Whats’ your strategy to improve domain authority?

#14. What About Analytics of Your Blog?

For beginners, it’s hard to understand the concept of analytics. They fret when they look on the Google analytics dashboard.

Well, every blogger is different and if you have the goal to change your blog’s analytics then work for it. Be consistent and improve the scale.

#15. What About US and Canada?

It’s believed that the traffic from these two countries is more effective than any other.

To enhance the power of your blog, many bloggers have the blogging goals to target the audience from US and Canada.

What’s your blogging strategy?

#16. Do You Want To Get 10K Follower In One Year?

what are your blogging goals

There is another Twitter goal which can lead to more exposure to your blog.

More follower tends to the number of chances to get more visitors to your blog. It’s obvious that if you have more follower, more people will come across your content.

Do you have any goal?

#17. Are You Thinking About Running A Contest This Year?

You all know that people really like to engage in the contests.

Whether you run a blog commenting contest or anything else, people will come to your blog. What’s your plan for your blog?

#18. Do You Have Plans To Get Rid of Broken Links?

This should be one of your blogging goals. It’s because more broken links will drag your blog into the pit hole.

And you won’t like that.

The Google bots analyze your website on a regular interval and you should know that broken links are not their favorite.

#19. What About The Blog Promotion?

You all know that blog promotion is more important than creating the content.

Do you remember the 80/20 rule? 80% is the promotion and 20% is the creation of the content. Always remember the ratio and build your own blog promotion strategy.

#20. Get More Backlinks.

There are many bloggers who focus on the building more backlinks to their blogs.

It’s because they know the importance of having backlinks from the high authority blogs. And the best activity is blog commenting.

Though there are many other ways to increase the backlinks but still, blog commenting is the best with many benefits.

#21. Do You Include Email Marketing?

You all know that increasing your email list can bring some revolutionary change to your business.

Every blogger should have an email marketing strategy. You can share, sell, promote via your email newsletter.

Do your blogging goals include it?

#22. Meeting 20 Influencers.

Every blogger wants to get noticed by influencers.

What’s your goal? Are you going to meet a few professional bloggers? It’s always good to meet new people in this blogosphere.

And especially, the people who are ruling the market.

What Are Your Personal Goals For Your Blogging Career?

It’s striking how people are emerging as better bloggers.

Every time you read an article, you get mesmerized by the quality of the content. This is because bloggers are really into setting up a home-based business.

Every individual is good with the blogging strategies.

But what’s the blogging goals you are going to accomplish this year? We all have something unrevealed.

Blogging can be really intimidating if you don’t have any plan. Set up your blogging goals and rock this blogosphere.

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by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    This is yet another Epic post from the portals of Blogging Love.
    This is no doubt an informative piece. Though I am following some of the things mentioned in this post, most I am yet to follow. Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder.
    Keep sharing
    May you have a wonderful time of sharing ahead,
    ~ Philip

    1. Hey Philip,

      It’s all how you manage to keep focused on your goals. People may be chasing the same goals as you do. Your hard work and determination give you the lead.
      I am sure, you’re going to reach your blogging goals.
      Thanks for sharing your words.
      Have a great day.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    Without even thinking about it, I just reached the getting rid of broken links goal.

    I switched from my bespoke comments system to Disqus. All old comments are no longer linked and all comments since the install are simply either Disqus links or social media links. Depending on how the commentor signed in. This is an awesome move if you have too many comments to check. I have been blessed to receive over 5,000 comments so it was Disqus or, if I wanted to check for broken links with my old comment system, the other option would have been pulling my hair out LOL.

    Awesome post bro.


    1. Hey Ryan,

      Broken links are really something no one want. The default WordPress system can give you bunch of broken links because of the URLs. There are many merits and demerits of using Disqus.

      I have used it. One of the most annoying things is its loading time. Sometimes, it takes so much time to load the comments.
      But still it’s working for you. Awesome.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hi Ravi,

    These all points are valid without all these 22 blogging goals. It will be tough to achieve all the blogging success.

    It’s too tough these days, day by day blogging sector is becoming tougher. Lots of hard work is required.

    Thanks for sharing all of these points.

    1. Hey Satya,

      Blogging isn’t it used to before a few years. People are more aware of the strategies. To achieve your goals, you have to work hard.
      Patience is the key to master everything.
      I hope, you will chase your blogging goals this year.
      Thanks for sharing your insight.

  4. Hey Ravi,

    I loved the list of course, who don’t?

    Well, you’ve featured some nice Blogging Goals here.

    Alexa is shit, but still people give priority into it.

    Making site speed’s fast is one of the best SEO factor you should consider.

    Despite this, your all list is a big BOOM! 😀

    Stay blessed!

    1. Hi Abdul,

      Most of the marketers are considering Alexa ranking as a major factor which isn’t that much good. It fluctuates all the time.

      The speed of your website should be the best. That’s why I use BloggingLove theme with the best speed I ever noticed.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hey Ravi sir,
    I think you still remember me 😉
    This blogpost is really really awesome,
    You rocked it, These blogging goals are great and greatly discussed.
    I loved the way you write and I have already said that I am a huge fan of your hard work 🙂
    have a nice day and thanks for such an awesome post!

    1. Hey Hemant,

      Of course, I do remember you.
      To run a successful blog, it’s important to have some goals. Think about how you’re going to craft the content and what would you want from your blog.
      Everything you need can’t be fulfilled until you work hard for your dreams.
      I am glad that you could find some value.
      Keep visiting.
      Have a great day.

  6. Hey Ravi,

    It is really fully informative post and I like it most. Almost every blogger want to write minimum 100 articles for better engagement and results.

    Loading time of our website or blog is one of the critical factors influencing search engine optimization, which whilst is too sluggish could take the reader far from our internet site and pass onto the following, as a consequence circuitously affecting our web page ranking as nicely.

    Today, every bloggers have its own goal which he or she wants to achieve in blogging career but it become successful when they apply effective strategies in their blogging. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  7. Wow, that was really Amazing…!!!
    There is a lot which could be learnt from this blog..!!
    Everything which a blogger could think is in this post.

    Great Job Ravi… Keep sharing valuable stuff like this.


    1. Hey Navin,

      Good to hear from you.

      Everyone is up for blogging and people have their own goals which can be chased. What are your blogging goals? I have gone through your blog, you’re a part-time blogger.
      It’s good to know that you’re sharing your ideas with others.
      Keep blogging.

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