How To Know If a Website Has Been Hacked or Not

how to know if my website has been hacked

Are you afraid that your website has been hacked by someone? Is my WordPress website hacked? How to know if my website has been hacked or not? These types of questions strike your mind when you handle a WordPress and don’t have the proper security. It’s always recommended to improve the security of your WordPress […] Read More

How To Copy A Live WordPress Site To Localhost Manually

copy a live wordpress site to localhost

There are many people who have a copy of their website on their localhost to test the plugins and themes. It’s another step towards the WordPress security. Before you use any new plugin, you can test it on your localhost with the same data of your website present on the online server. In this tutorial, […] Read More

How to Properly Activate SSL Certificate on Bluehost

activate SSL certificate on Bluehost

Among all the hottest topics, in this internet world, bloggers are trying hard to understand the concept of HTTPS and HTTP. SSL is termed as Secure Socket Layer to add a secure protocol to your website. As discussed earlier, you can enable SSL certificate on your WordPress website with different ways. You can either use […] Read More

How To Disable Password Change Option From WordPress

disable password change option from wordpress

When you forgot WordPress admin password, you could change it from the login page. Have you ever thought to turn off password recovery option from your WordPress login page? It can be another plus point for WordPress security. It’s possible that someone can hack your email ID and it would be easy to recover the password of your […] Read More

403 Forbidden Error In WordPress : The Problem Is Solved

how to fix 403 forbidden error in wordpress

While running a WordPress website, you may get many errors and one of the major errors is 404 forbidden error. It happens sometimes when you’re not allowed to access your website. WordPress replies with a code showing that you can’t able to enter. There may be many reasons. Read More