How To Disable Password Change Option From WordPress

disable password change option from wordpress

When you forgot WordPress admin password, you could change it from the login page. Have you ever thought to turn off password recovery option from your WordPress login page? It can be another plus point for WordPress security. It’s possible that someone can hack your email ID and it would be easy to recover the password of your […] Read More

403 Forbidden Error In WordPress : The Problem Is Solved

how to fix 403 forbidden error in wordpress

While running a WordPress website, you may get many errors and one of the major errors is 404 forbidden error. It happens sometimes when you’re not allowed to access your website. WordPress replies with a code showing that you can’t able to enter. There may be many reasons. Read More

10 Things To Do Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

things to do before changing your wordpress theme

You must take care of the design of your WordPress blog for which you need to choose the best theme. In the previous days of blogging most of the bloggers use the free theme and after some time they change the theme to give an attractive look to their blog. When You switch to WordPress then you will […] Read More

How To Minify Your Website and Improve its Speed

how to minify website

The page loading time has the major influence on the ranking and the user experience. If you’re thinking about the SEO of the website then take a step forward to improve it. Today, you will learn about reducing the size of the files of your website. Do you know what is minifying? How to minify […] Read More