20000 LinkedIn Followers: A Personal Branding Journey

20000 LinkedIn Followers

Does it sound impossible to you? Do you want to have 20000 LinkedIn followers? What if I share my story of gaining this number in less than a year? No doubt that LinkedIn is something I have always loved, and it’s considered the most influential social media platform. I wouldn’t call it a social media […] Read More

5 Things Google Doesn’t Like (And How To Avoid Them)

The constant evolution of Google’s algorithms requires continuous optimization of web pages, a job that shouldn’t stop at choosing the right keywords. The latest advances in the world’s most famous search engine algorithm require a different SEO approach to gain optimal ranking. For these reasons, knowing, as far as possible, the algorithm that regulates its positioning […] Read More

23 Common WordPress Errors And Their Solutions You Should Know

Common WordPress errors and their solutions

Having a WordPress blog is the most amazing thing for many people. You’re building your dream blog, but what if some unknown error stops you. Do you know about the common WordPress errors and their solutions? In the past few years, WordPress has grown up to be one of the largest communities using which people are […] Read More

160 Google Ranking Factors (Why Your Website is Dying)

Google Ranking Factors

You may already know, there are more than 150 Google ranking factors which decide the SEO score of your website. The algorithm keeps changing, and you may keep seeing ranking declining. If you wish to learn every SEO aspect, Google uses to handle SERPs, this is the guide for you. People talk too much, and […] Read More

151 WordPress Hacks: Learn WordPress from Scratch

WordPress Hacks

I remember when I started learning WordPress many years ago. I didn’t know any WordPress hacks to start a brand new website. Whether you have just started or practiced for a while, you always need to learn more and more. WordPress is an interesting CMS, but most of the people fret about it. Read More

Adding Custom Fonts In WordPress Using @Font-Face CSS Rule

Adding custom fonts in WordPress using font face CSS rule

For every WordPress website, to give a better look, most of the web designers add custom fonts. There are many ways, but this tutorial is about adding custom fonts in WordPress using font face CSS rule. There are many free and premium fonts which can be found on the website like Typekit. In every WordPress […] Read More