How To Add StumbleUpon Button To WordPress Website

add stumbleupon button to wordpress

StumbleUpon is a website where people stumble to find the quality content. Most of the websites have added the StumbleUpon button. Do you know how to add StumbleUpon button to WordPress website without using any plugin? Each social networking platform provides the code to add the sharing button. In this tutorial, you will learn about […] Read More

How To Add Facebook Share Button To Your Site

add facebook share button to your site

Every social networking website provides the freedom to add the official button to the website. Do you know how to add Facebook share button to your site without using any plugin? WordPress has many social sharing plugins which can help you to add the button. But why would you want to use a plugin if […] Read More

23 Common WordPress Errors And Their Solutions You Should Know

Common WordPress errors and their solutions

Having a WordPress blog is the most amazing thing to many people. You’re building your dream blog but what if some unknown error stops you. Do you know about the common WordPress errors and their solutions? In the past few years, WordPress has grown up to be one of the largest communities using which people are […] Read More

Different Ways To Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website

add custom CSS to WordPress website

To revamp your site, you may in need to add custom CSS to your WordPress website. Most of the people try to edit the main style.css file of the theme which can be risky. It’s not recommended to edit the main design file until you have an expertise in designing. To get rid of these […] Read More

A Complete Guide To Move Your Blog From Squarespace To WordPress

Move Your Blog From Squarespace To WordPress

There are different kinds of platforms to build your website and Squarespace is one of the famous platforms. But every platform has some limitations and many Squarespace users are trying to find any other CMS. As you all know, WordPress is one of the hottest topics in this new era of blogging. But most of the […] Read More

Different Ways To Backup Your WordPress Database Manually

Different ways to backup your WordPress database

Having the backup of your website and the database is the first thing you should focus on. Whether you install a new plugin or try something else, it’s always recommended to backup your WordPress website. As you all know the database gets updated every time you publish any post, install a plugin, delete a plugin, […] Read More