Do You Know 10 Best Plugins For Contact Form In WordPress?

plugins for contact form in wordpress

You may have heard a lot about the importance of the contact us page. But how would you show the contact form on your website? Do you know about any contact us plugin in WordPress? Have you ever tried to create your own contact form and connect it to the database?

Well, this may be quite hard so WordPress has the solution. There are many plugins in the WordPress directory which can help you to build your own contact form. You would be able to handle the style of the form fields according to the dimensions of your website.

Why Should You Have The Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

There are many plugins in the WordPress directory but you have to decide what you need in your contact form. In some plugins, you would be able to adjust the size of the input fields.

There would be many kinds of the contact forms. You can choose any of them and would be able to build it. The importance of the contact us page should be understood.

Provide the way to directly contact the site admin with this page. If someone has any query then it would be great to receive the question through the contact form.

Here Are The Plugins For Contact Form In WordPress.

1. Contact Form 7:- This is the most common and one of the famous plugins to use for creating a contact form on the page. Though there isn’t much to alter the contact fields but still it is light and effective. You just have to place the code on your contact us page and publish it. You would see the simple contact form. Get it from Here.

2. Pirate Forms:- It is another simple contact form plugin but with some more features than the contact form 7. You can add the reCaptcha to be safe from the spammers. You can store the contacts in the database provided by this plugin. You can edit the error message you want to show to your readers make any mistake like not filling the required fields. See the plugin page.

3. Fast Secure Contact Form:- With the use of this plugin, you can add and remove the fields easily. If you want to change the order of the contact fields that you can do that. You can attach the files with your message. There is a standard option using which your readers can attach any screenshot with the message. Get the plugin.

4. WPforms:- This is one contact us plugin in WordPress which has many features if you go for the pro version. Though you can use the free version and build your own contact form. You can choose the contact fields by dragging and dropping. It is mobile friendly. See the plugin details.

5. Ninja Forms:- If you’re looking for another plugin to create an effective contact form then here you go. It’s completely free. If you have a little bit of knowledge about the HTML tags then you can handle the contact page easily. Get the plugin.

contact us plugin in wordpress

6. Gravity Forms:- It is a premium plugin. You can buy it from their official website. There is a video which can illustrate each and every aspect of this plugin. The mobile friendly feature is there. You won’t need to worry whether it would look bad for the mobile users. It is used by many reputed companies like PayPal.

7. Contact Form By BestWebSoft:- You don’t need to do any setting, just install the plugin and add the shortcode on the contact us page. There is a premium version which can be used by the users. It is easy to handle and your users can activate the option to send the copy of the message to their email.

8. Formidable Forms:- An another contact us plugin in WordPress which is not free. You have to buy it from their official website. There are different planes according to the no. of sites and its features. You can customize the form using the HTML. A file attachment option would be provided.

9. Jetpack By There are many people who are using this plugin. There is an option to activate the contact form from the plugin and you will receive the messages in your WordPress dashboard. You won’t need to check your emails for the messages.

10. Multi-language Responsive Contact Form:- If you want a plugin which can support different languages then you can use this plugin. You can add the contact form on the page using either by adding the shortcode or by calling the PHP code. See the features.

best wordpress contact form plugin

Though there are many other plugins for contact form in WordPress. But you should know how to choose the best plugin for your blog. There are many things to check. The list mentioned above consists the latest updated plugins.

Which Contact Us Plugin In WordPress Seems Better?

Each plugin has its own feature and service. But the thing is that you have to install the plugin according to your requirements. If you want to go for the premium plugins then go for them otherwise, free WordPress plugins are there to assist you.

Is there anything special in any plugin? Are you thinking about the best WordPress contact form plugin? Well, it’s hard to say about anyone. You have to try them on your website. The one which fits your website is in the list. I hope this would work for you and help you to create an awesome “contact us” page.

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by Ravi Chahar

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for sharing this list. It is a wonderful write-up. I got to know few new contact forms such as Pirate Forms & Formidable Forms. I will love to try these as well 🙂

    PS: It is my first visit to your blog. Not only this article, I have explored few other articles too. All are wonderful and I have learned many new things. I have subscribed to your blog to read more from you.

    Keep sharing such wonderful articles.

    Best Regards,
    Mohit Arora

    1. Hey Mohit,

      Welcome to BloggingLove.

      The contact page is one of the most needed pages and these plugins can help you create an awesome page. You can use the form anywhere you want.
      Whether you use the Pirate forms or any other plugins, just create a contact form for your readers to contact you.
      Thanks for taking the time to check it out.
      Enjoy your day.


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