How To Backdate And Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts?

backdate and schedule

Are you thinking about changing the published date of your blog posts? Do you want to schedule your blog post? I am going to tell you as how can you backdate and schedule your blog posts? In WordPress, there is so much to do with your blog posts. You can change the published date for any blog post you want.

Though some people prefer to schedule their blog posts so that they can have a plan for the upcoming day. Do you want to know how to schedule your WordPress post? Here is the content for you.

Are You Guys Excited? Just Know How To backdate Your Blog Post.

For the beginner, it’s a kind of mismatched topic as how can someone change the published date. But, let me give them a tour. People have their own perspectives related to blog posts and the published date. There are people who want to show that the blog post was published on the earlier date than the original one.

It can be done within one minute. Let me show you :-

Step 1:- Just login to your WordPress admin panel and find for tall the posts you have published at your blog. Select the edit option below the blog post you want to backdate.

Step 2:- Now the editing area or the post writing area will be showing to you. You just have to look at the right-top corner of the sidebar. You will find options showing the status of the blog post, visibility of the blog post and the publish status.

While writing a blog post you will see publish immediately option whereas for older blog posts you will see the published date.

how to backdate the blog post

Step 3:- Here is the final work you have to do. Just click the edit option in front of published and you will see the published date. You just have to change that date according to you. The date you want to show for your blog post.

After filling, just select ok and click to “update button.

How To Schedule Your WordPress Post?

Now is the turn to have a glance upon the scheduling of the blog posts. While handling a website, you have to make sure that the consistency of the blog posts should be maintained. Bloggers write blog posts for their blog in advance so that they can focus on other aspects fo their blog other than just writing.

So they decide to schedule the blog post by filling the date of the upcoming time for their blog post to get published. This is quite similar to the previous section.

Step 1:- As same as backdating, you have to log in to your admin panel and the post you haven’t published or just started writing should be selected.

Step 2:- Now the writing section for your blog post is in front of you. Go to the publishing section on the right-top and select “edit” option to schedule the blog post.

how to schedule th WordPress post

Step 3:- Fill the date at which you want to get your blog post published. You can even select the time. After filling the proper date, just select ok and publish or update and you are done.

Backdate And Schedule: What would you want?

Though it’s not a good idea to backdate the published post. I mean why would you want to do that? Just show the date you at which your blog was published. But still, people show it on their blog. You should keep it in your mind that it doesn’t affect the SEO of your website.

When people ask as how to schedule the WordPress post, it’s quite the best decision. I mean you can write a post and schedule it for some other day to keep the content of your website fresh. I hope now you can easily backdate and schedule your blog posts.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    This is awesome! I know many WordPress users know how to schedule, but who ever thinks to back date? I think it’s an awesome idea.

    Very well-written and easy to understand tutorial. Thank you! Passing it along!


    1. Hey Brenda,

      I am glad that you liked this article helpful.
      There are many bloggers who save the time and keep the harmony by scheduling their blog posts. I am sure they have some special plans for the time.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the day.

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