What Is Alexa And Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking

In the field of online business or online marketing, every user wants to achieve the aim of having financial stability. People work hard to reach up to the success level they desire of.

Many internet users set up their weblog or a web page at the topic in which they have some specific command.

As you, all know that it’s human nature to know his success rate at which they are going. Everyone need to have the idea about their hard work and the result conclude from that. In the field of the blogging, there are some criteria by which bloggers can know about their website’s status. 

What Is Alexa?

As I have mentioned about the stuff by which you can have some idea about your website for which question arises “what is Alexa?” Here we have Alexa – a site which provides you about your website’s status on the World Wide Web. Alexa is a site managed by Amazon.com.

It is the most popular website analytic formula nowadays. Alexa has generated a tool by which it analyses the status of any particular  website in which this Alexa toolbar is installed.

It’s necessary to install this toolbar as Alexa follows you where ever the user go through the toolbar. When a user visits any particular site then Alexa follows it and store the detail in the toolbar by which the user can have fully detail about that site.

What Is Alexa Ranking And Alexa Toolbar?

Alexa Ranking is the status of your website when Alexa analyses your website on the basis of traffic flow of your website. It provides the status in the form of ranking which we call Alexa Ranking.

The necessity for calculating the ranking of any particular website is the Alexa toolbar. You have to install this toolbar to have an idea about any website’s ranking.

When you visit a website then this toolbar will help you to know the ranking of that site by which you can have an idea about the popularity of that website.

It allows you to view the detail of site’s ownership without actually entering it. Alexa shows the improvement detail of the website in which Alexa toolbar is installed for about estimated time of three months.

How Is Alexa Ranking Calculated?

Alexa Ranking is calculated on the basis of page views and no. of visits by Alexa users. It is calculated only on the basis of Alexa users. It doesn’t consider the visit of users who haven’t installed Alexa toolbar in their browser.

It is estimated as previously Alexa toolbar consider only Internet Explorer but later it allows for Firefox and Google Chrome too. There is an option of “related links’ in Alexa Toolbar which provides you to the link with many other sites in which you are interested.

The toolbar consists an option by which you can see how your website looked in the past. Another option by which you can know the topic by which you get much traffic to your website.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Alexa Ranking
Advantages :-
  • You can consider it as your aim to defeat your competitors.
  • Alexa Ranking provides you the proper information, status of any website.
  • If any website has less numeric Alexa Ranking then it is helpful to view in SEO.
  • It helps to attract webmasters and advertisers after seeing the true value of your website and they will ready to provide you ads according to it.

Disadvantages :- 

  • There are many websites which haven’t installed Alexa toolbar and may have a lot of traffic, still, Alexa doesn’t rate them higher.
  • Some people claim to cheat this Alexa Ranking.
  • Many users don’t prefer it accurate.
  • Neither the sub-domains nor the subpages within a domain is ranked separately.

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