How To Add Screenshot To WordPress Theme To Display After Installing?

add screenshot to wordpress theme

After developing a WordPress theme when you install it on your website. Don’t you see any image for your custom theme? Do you know why ?

It’s because the theme developer hasn’t added the screenshot of the theme. You have to add screenshot to WordPress theme folder. You may have noticed that when you install a WordPress theme then you see an image for that theme in the theme’s section.

If you are thinking about providing your WordPress custom theme for free then you shouldn’t forget to add the screenshot of the theme. It would look unprofessional if you leave it blank.

You Should Add Screenshot To WordPress Theme To Make It Look Professional.

People won’t like to install a WordPress theme which shows the blank page. Let me show you an example through an image.

You can see that no screenshot is added and the blank page with the black and white boxes is there. To fix this, you should add an image in the WordPress folder.

add screenshot to wordpress theme

If you are developing the theme then just open the theme folder and add an image with the name “screenshot.png”. Otherwise, you have to find the theme folder from the cPanel.

Let me show you the steps.

Step 1:- Login to your cPanel and open the file manager.

Step 2:- Search for the wp-content folder and open it.

Step 3:- There would be a folder with the name “themes”. Open it.

Step 4:- Take the screenshot of your theme and save it with the name “screenshot.png” and add that image in the folder of the theme you are using on your website.


There would be many theme folders and files present. You don’t need to touch any file. Just copy and paste the screenshot image to the folder of your theme.

Is It Possible To Add Screenshot To A WordPress Child Theme?

In today’s era of web development, most of the bloggers are turning to develop their own theme. They create a child theme of their parent theme.

It’s important to add screenshot to WordPress theme and the child theme. the procedure is the same. You won’t need to go to the cPanel if you have the folder of the theme on your computer.

Just open the theme folder and add the screenshot image. Make sure that the name of the image should be “screenshot.png”.

What’s The Proper Size of The Screenshot?

The file manager shows the theme with the image of approx 300×220 but it’s recommended to add the latest size of the screenshot image.


Though you can use the image of any size but still, it would be great if you add the recommended size. You shouldn’t increase the size of the theme.

Isn’t That Easy To Add Screenshot To WordPress Theme?

It’s quite easy to show an image after installing the WordPress theme. you just have to take the screenshot of the theme and add that image in the theme folder.

As I have mentioned above that you should look upon the name of the image. It’s important to use that name and extension.

Use the recommended size of the screenshot for proper appearance.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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