Add Clickable Phone Numbers For Smartphones In WordPress

Add clickable phone numbers for smartphones in WordPress

No one can deny the fact that more people are using smartphones to access the websites. From the past few years, the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly.

Have you ever seen the mobile numbers at some local websites which can directly be dialed from your smartphone? If you did then you would have notice that the number is clickable so that you can call.

Do you know how to add clickable phone numbers for smartphones in WordPress? Most of the local business websites are in need to make it easy to reach them.

In this tutorial, you will learn the best way to make the number as a link.

Make the phone number a link using HTML

With the use of simple HTML code, you can easily convert the number into a link. As you all know, the HTML link tag attribute can do a lot more than everyone thinks.

First of all, you should understand the concept of a phone number. Here is an example.

+1 222 (555) 6666

There are three things in a number.

1. Country code
2. Area code
3. Local code

+1 is the country code and 555 is the area code. It is different for every country. That’s why you can easily recognize the number’s location.

Let me show how to add clickable phone numbers for smartphones in WordPress.

<a href=”tel://+12225556666″>+1 222 (555) 6666</a>

You have to add this line of HTML in your WordPress text editor. While writing a post, you can switch to the text editor from the top-right corner.

You can also edit the link text. Instead of the number, you can add something like “Call Me” or “Call Us”. Just replace the number with the text.

<a href=”tel://+12225556666″>CALL US</a>

This will be a link which will only work for the smartphone users because you can’t dial from a computer.

But you can Skype using it.

To provide an option to call through the Skype, you can add another code which will work for both the mobile and computer users.

Instead of the number in the link, you have to use your Skype username.

<a href=”skype:username”>Connect with Skype</a>

Congrats, you have successfully added the clickable phone number to the mobile users and the Skype link for everyone.

NOTE : Don’t forget to replace “username” with your Skype ID username.

It’s always good to provide more options for reaching you. A website owner should always look for the best options. If you’re running a local business then it’s important to mention the phone number.

If you want to add a contact bar then it can be done using a few plugins.

These two plugins can also help you add different contact links.

Can You Now Add Clickable Phone Numbers For Smartphones In WordPress?

From the above-mentioned HTML code, you can easily show your phone numbers. Though most of the modern web browsers convert the phone numbers in the link but it’s not possible for all.

To allow your mobile readers, you have to add clickable phone numbers for smartphones in WordPress. I like the idea of adding the Skype link too.

Wouldn’t you want to connect with more people? Can you now accomplish your task? If you have any doubt, feel free to drop a comment.

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