How to Add Category and Subcategory in WordPress Permalink Structures

Add category and subcategory in WordPress permalink structures

The concept of using the SEO-friendly permalinks always come handy. People are trying to experiment and in between someone brought up a concept to add category and subcategory in WordPress permalink structures.

Have you ever given a thought to it? The SEO plugin you’re using may have a feature to enable the breadcrumbs which will guide your readers about their position.

It will show the category, subcategory and the title of the blog post. It may also consist more than a category.

The same concept is applied here. You can add category and subcategory is WordPress permalink structures for better SEO.

Though every blogger has his/her own way of handling it but if you want to do it, follow the guide.

What does it Really Mean and How Would it Look

As you know WordPress has the feature of using the taxonomies for your content. Category and tags are the two taxonomies we’re talking about.

For every blog post, you choose at least one category and depending on the choice, you may add the tags too.

You can check a tutorial to add categories and subcategories in WordPress for more knowledge. You can create new categories and fill them under any parent category.

Depending on your choice, you can generate as many as categories and subcategories.

When you choose the default WordPress permalink structures, it wouldn’t consist the category or subcategory. And most of the people use the SEO-friendly permalink structures by adding the post name only.

How would that look?

This is the most used permalink consisting only the name of the post or the keyword used.

But if you want to add any category then it would be different. Let me show you.

As you can see the category name has been added before the blog post keyword or name. Similarly, you can add any subcategory of having “social” as the parent category.

This will be similar to the breadcrumbs used by many website owners.

use category and subcategory in wordpress permalink structure

WordPress beginners can get confused when they directly try to choose two categories. Well, to add a subcategory, you have to create it first and then use it from your WordPress post editor.

It’s not only for the posts, you can also use it for the pages.

Adding Category and Subcategory in WordPress

To make this happen, you have to change the WordPress permalink structures from its settings.

Just go to Settings>>Permalinks and scroll down to the custom permalinks which is also termed as the pretty permalinks.

You can choose this permalink structure to use your own permalinks. To add category and subcategory in WordPress permalink structures, you have to edit this.

include category and subcategory in wordpress permalink structures

Let me show you how.


This is what you have to add after the URL of your website. Don’t forget to save the settings.

Once you do it, go to the WordPress post editor and starting writing a new post and you will notice the permalink structure has included the category name before the post name.

From now onwards, whenever you write any new post, it will consist the permalink consisting category and subcategory if selected.

How to Use Multiple Categories and Subcategories

There are many websites which are using multiple categories or subcategories for their blog posts. You can do the same if you want.

WordPress is an amazing CMS and it picks the categories alphabetically.

If you choose a category “animation” then it will be considered as the first one comparing to others. If you choose “cartoon” as the subcategory then it will come after “animation”.

It goes on and on. Let me show you.

The permalink structure will look like this.

The same goes for the multiple subcategories. Suppose, you have created two subcategories, “phones” and “Xiaomi” which are filled under “technology” category.

The permalink will be like this.

You have just added subcategories under another subcategory. Though it’s used solemnly but still, you should know.

Can You Now Add Category and Subcategory in WordPress Permalink Structures

I hope you wouldn’t face any problem with this. The permalink structures concept is very important for better SEO.

To boost the SEO score of your website, you should always consider the best permalink structures. It depends on the number the categories you have added.

To add category and subcategory in WordPress permalink structures, you just have to do a little bit of manual work as shown above.

There are many other SEO tips which can help you boost your website performance. If you face any problem, feel free to drop a comment.

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