Add a Job Board to WordPress Without Having Any Coding Skills

Add a job board in WordPress

You may have seen many websites providing job opportunities. Whether it’s a freelance writer or a web designer, people can post a job and apply for any listed job. You can also add a job board to WordPress.

If you’re hiring then just create your own job board and list the jobs you want people for. If you visit Problogger then you can easily find their job board.

But the question arises as if what’s the best way to add a job board in WordPress without knowing any kind of coding languages.

Well, you can find the solution in the WordPress repository. In this tutorial, you will learn every aspect of job board management.

Start With Configuring the WP Job Manager

Yes, you have to install and activate the WP Job Manager plugin. I hope you know how to install a WordPress plugin from your dashboard.

Step 1:- Just after its activation, you will see its setup page. You can either skip it or stay with it. If you have already used it then just skip it otherwise, it’s recommended to follow the procedure.

add job board

Click on the “Start Setup” button.

Step 2:- At this step, you will be seeing three different pages. You can change their names and add the shortcode shown after each.

To show the Jobs, you have to add the [jobs] shortcode to the page.

To create a page where employees can manage their jobs can be created by adding the [job_dashboard] shortcode.

And for the last, to create a page where people can post for new jobs, you just have to add [submit_job_form] shortcode to a page.

job board

If you click on the “Create Selected Pages” then all the pages will get created automatically. No need to create the pages manually.

Step 3:- Now you may be wondering as if how will you show the jobs. Well, after setting up the plugin, you will see “Job Listing” as an option in the main menu of WordPress.

Just go to Job Listing>>Add New and fill the title of the post. You can also choose whether it’s freelance job or fulltime.

There are many options shown. Apart from that, if you scroll down, you will see many fields to fill including the location of the job, the company etc.

job board in WordPress

Just publish it just like you do for any blog post. Create as many posts you want and check the “Jobs” page.

Step 4:- And now comes the point where people want to add the jobs of their choice. Well, it’s pretty simple.

add a job board to WordPress

Check the Jobs Dashboard page and you will see a job submission form which can be used by the visitors. Once they add any job, you can see their request on the dashboard.

Step 5:- You may also be wondering as if how can you control all the jobs added by you or any other user.

Just go to Job Listing>>All Jobs and you can get all the information about each job. You can see whether it’s an internship or a full-time job.

job board WordPress

The location of the jobs can also be seen.

This plugin gives you every possible feature to add a job board to WordPress. If you don’t feel good with the design of the job submission form, you can inspect the elements and target the classes to design it.

Everything comes handy, you just need to learn a few things about managing this plugin. It takes only a few couple of minutes to figure this out.

I Hope You Can Easily Add a Job Board to WordPress

Once you install this plugin, you can easily configure this. It gives you the full control over your job board.

Many people prefer to keep the default pages but if you desire to add something creative then go ahead. Some people complaint that the color of the buttons doesn’t match their theme.

Well, for this, you have to take some help from a web designer. The default colors also look great though.

I am sure, you can handle this. You can add a job board to WordPress. if you face any problem, feel free to reach us out.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hey Ravi,

    Thanks for this tutorial, this is quite simple to digest. Easy implementation and easy setup, having a job board in blogs are not that highly competitive thing in blogging world only a few blogs like BloggingPro has it on their blog.

    One can think about it if the blog traffic is good enough. Thanks for the share 🙂

    Alok Rana

  2. Wow Ravi,

    Thank you for a step-by-step comprehensive way of creating a job board to WordPress. I had no idea we could do this.

    This plugin is amazing when one wants to create something like this. I have a dear blogging buddy that creates job boards and I’m forwarding this to her asap.

    Again, thanks for making it so easy to do.


  3. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for showing us how to do this! Your instructions make it really easy to follow – practically fool-proof! 🙂

    I can definitely use this on my work-from-home blog!

    Great post as always Ravi! And you know I’m passing this along!

    Have great day and rest of the week. 🙂


  4. Hello Ravi,

    This is something great I found on your blog. I always thought how we can create a job board easily in WP but never research seriously because I didn’t need that but it’s good to know that this can be done so easily. I can use it when needed.

    Thanks for the awesome post. Have a great day.

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