How To Add A Facebook Video In WordPress Posts And Pages

add a facebook video in wordpress

The Facebook live video is one of the fastest growing trends and people are really enjoying their video skills. Have you ever thought to add a Facebook video in WordPress posts and pages?

Yes, it would be a better opportunity to increase the engagement. In the previous time, people used to embed a video using the Facebook integrated code.

In this tutorial, you will learn the easiest method which doesn’t require any expertise with the code.

Why Should You Show Facebook Videos Into Your Website?

Right now, YouTube is the biggest video platform which can be used to deliver your video content.

You can add a video in WordPress using the YouTube code. As it’s always recommended not to upload the video to your WordPress media library.

You shouldn’t increase the usage of your disk space. Just keep it simple and use other platforms like YouTube and now Facebook.

People are using the podcasts videos as their lead magnet to get more customers. It boosts the social presence.

You can even add a Facebook like button to WordPress.

Add A Facebook Video In WordPress.

Just search for the right Facebook video or if you’re hosting any live event, open that video.

You will a few links to share, like, send the video. There is another “options” link. Click it and you will see an option to “Embed”.

add video

Just choose and a popup will open for you.

It will show you iframe code you have to copy and paste into your website. Just copy that.

NOTE : If you want to embed the full post, you can check the box under “Include full post”.

add facebook video

Now open your WordPress post editor. If you have ever noticed, there are two types of post-editors. One is the visual editor and another one is the text editor.

Open the “Text” editor and paste the code you copied from Facebook.

facebook video

Just have a look the preview of the video. It will be of the same size as shown in the Facebook feeds.

If you want to change the width of the video, just use it from the code provided by Facebook. You can easily find the “width” parameter.

Just replace the value with the width of your website’s content area.

Another Way To Find the Embed Code.

In the above method, you have to click on the video to get it opened.

You can directly get the embed code from the Facebook news feed without using the “options” link.

For a video post, you see a button in the upper-left corner. A drop down menu will open. Just click on the “Embed” option and it will show you the code as seen in the previous method.

add a facebook video in wordpress

Copy and paste that code into your website and you’re good to go. You can add this code in a WordPress post, a page or even in the sidebar widget.

I Hope Now You Can Add A Facebook Video In WordPress?

Though Facebook provides an another way to add the autoplay videos but from a user’s perspective, autoplay videos can be annoying.

You should provide the control to your readers. What are the things you would like to change about the default video post?

Can you now add a Facebook video in WordPress posts and pages? If you still have any doubt, feel free to drop a comment.

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