15 SEO Tips And Tricks Which Can Give Wings To Your Blog

seo tips and tricks

One of the most crucial topics to concentrate on. The Search Engine Optimization isn’t just a piece of the words to ignore. If you have the desire and the aim to build the best blog ever then you must know about a way to write an SEO friendly post.

Have you ever read about SEO tips and tricks to promote website? You can’t manipulate the Google by doing the negative SEO for your blog. So you should know the SEO techniques which can help you to achieve the goal you always craved for.

In this post, I am going to show you the list which can help you to improve the SEO and the ranking of your blog. Are you fed up of writing the blog post? Are you doing it the right way? You will come to know about every aspect of the SEO.

The List of SEO Tips And Tricks Which Can Boost Your Blog

1. Keywords:- Before you start writing the blog post, you should search for the keywords you are going to use in that particular post. There are many keywords tools. The most useful and common way to find the trending keyword is to see the keywords when you enter in the Google to search something. Google provides the keywords to search according to your query. You must use those keywords.

2. An Attractive Headline:- You may have read it many times that the headline of your blog post should be effective and attractive. From the SEO point of view, you should add the keywords in your headings and sub-headings. It would enhance the level of the SEO of your blog post.

3. The Alt-Text of Images:- When you embed any image in the post, do you add the alt text for every image? Well, if you don’t then start adding it. Use one of the keywords of the post as the alt text for the image. You should know that the visual content can boost the SEO of your blog.

4. Stop Keyword Stuffing:- There are many bloggers who think that more the keywords the more the SEO. This is one of the worst SEO tips and tricks you have. You shouldn’t use more than three keywords. Focus on them in every 300 words of your post. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you may face Google penalty.

5. The Meta Description:- You should add the meta description for each post. Though, the bloggers have been debating on this whether it is good for the SEO since many years. Well, you should add it because whenever you share your blog post on any social networking site then this meta description is what people notice. Try to put the keywords in it. And you know that social media marketing helps you to get the positive results.

6. Use Thesis Themes:- If you are a tech savvy person and have some knowledge of the HTML and CSS and it would be plus a point for the SEO of your blog. It is believed that they have one of the best inbuilt SEO. This is one of the best SEO techniques, I would like to recommend.

seo tips and tricks to promote website

7. The Link text Shouldn’t be unstructured:- When you build the interlinks within your blog posts then make sure that you don’t put the links on “here, there” words. The links should be made with the long tail words which relate to that post.

8. An About Us Page:- Provide the place where your readers can know about you more. It will improve the interaction and the page views. Prove the link to the “about us” page in between your blog post according to the category of the post. Don’t try to overdo it.

9. Quality Over Quantity:- It is always recommended that you should concentrate on the quality of the content. The quantity may be high but it won’t last longer. The SEO tips and tricks to promote website won’t work until you write the quality content. Your readers should feel like they have gained something from the blog post. Be an educator, not an imitator.

10. Reduce The Page Size:- The page loading time of your website has the major influence on the SEO. Make sure that you upload optimized images. One of best ways to reduce the page size is to compress the HTML and XML files using the GZIP compression.

11. Blog Commenting:- It’s always believed that the blog commenting strategy always works. Try to build the human bonds with your fellow bloggers. Reciprocate the shares and the comment. It enhances the SEO of your blog indirectly.

seo techniques

12. Have The Clean Site:- Use a clean theme for your blog. Google likes the blog with a clean view. Play with the code of the theme only if you are a tech savvy person. You may see many people provide the code to enter in the “functions.php” file of the theme. But all the codes are not good for your blog.

13. Have The Sitemap:- The Google bots index your website after knowing all the pages and the posts present on your website. There are many plugins using which you can create the sitemap. You should add Sitemap in the Google Search Console so that Google bots can crawl your website.

14. The Robots.txt file:- This is the hardest thing to learn from the SEO tips and tricks point of view. You should know what to get crawled by the bots and what not to. Have the proper knowledge about the robots.txt file and always check the errors and warning from the Google Search Console.

15. Be Consistent and Clear:- While writing a blog post, don’t try to manipulate it by unstructured words with the underscores or capital letters. The keywords should have the proper place. Don’t try to add them everywhere. Just be consistent and clear. The more you update your blog the more you get the results

Do You Follow SEO Techniques For Your Blog?

Blog SEO is something for which every blogger crave. People are trying harder to understand the Google algorithms. But it keeps changing time to time. So stop thinking about that. Just concentrate on following the SEO tips and tricks to promote website.

Are you thinking about the working of the SEO techniques mentioned above. Well, just give them a try and you will get the wings for your blog. Your dreams will come true one day. If you still have any doubt regarding anything then I am here to help you.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    It is true indeed that to get a large traffic on website the blog owner must write a post that is SEO friendly.
    Major part of traffic for any post is get through search engine. The Successful websites have used SEO techniques efficiently that’s why they get a large traffic from organic search from goggle.
    The Website owner can’t take chance of taking risk and they implement strategy as much possible for better ranking. The ranking of Website on search engine is affected by more than 200 factors in SEO.
    Most of the techniques are easy to use and they deliver good result.
    Thanks for publishing a helpful article.
    With regards,

    1. Hi Saurav,

      No doubt that the bloggers should write an SEO friendly post to boost it. There are many ways to do the perfect SEO fro your blog post and the blog. The list goes on and on.

      If you want to get the organic traffic on your blog then the SEO should be good. But don’t try to manipulate the Google by doing the negative SEO. There are many bloggers who try to do it but fail.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.
      Have a great weekend.:)

  2. Hello Ravi,

    Indeed a vast and great list of SEO tips, but there is once more that also helps a great to increase SEO, and that is the structure of your permalink, the shorter it is, the more SEO optimized it will be.
    Often people don’t pay attention to their permalink but that a great corner to consider.

    Thanks for this great post.

    Joys, Priyam

    1. Hey Priyam,

      The permalinks matter for the SEO of your blog post. You should use the SEO friendly permalinks. Don’t use the custom permalink structure. Choose the custom permalink structure showing the post name after the blog name.

      There are many things to do for the SEO. Here are just 15 of those.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the day.

  3. Hi Ravi,
    Great Tips To Make Note Of..,
    These are no doubt all the bloggers should look into it seriously to improve their over the whole performance of the blog, The Meta description can do wonders!
    I follow most of the tips given here, especially the one Blog Commenting,
    As you said and I fully agree with you from my personal experiences, yes, Blog commenting strategy works well! But sad to note that, many bloggers intentionally neglect this area, I appreciate Ravi for this, you take care of very well this area, I have been very closely watching this. You are doing a tremendous job in this regard, keep going. I appreciate you in this, And by the by thank you so much for the valuable visit and for the value added feedback on my latest post.
    Keep up the good work.
    One more thing I wanted to note in this regard is, in blog commenting, we need to take care of reciprocity ! It is so important that when a person is taking the time to read our post and do post their views we are supposed to reciprocate.
    Thanks Ravi
    Keep sharing
    Have a wonderful weekend
    ~ Phil

    1. Hi Phil,

      Blog commenting is something I prefer the most. There are many people who don’t have the time to comment on others blog. It’s just an excuse. Making human bonds is the best thing you can do while blogging.

      The reciprocity is needed. I mean if you don’t reciprocate then you are not dropping a positive impact on your readers.
      We all are here to connect and share each other’s content.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping an input.
      Have a great week ahead.

  4. Hey Ravi,

    There’s a lot of people that avoid SEO which each to his/her own. But SEO is a way to work smarter as well as using outreach strategies. You not only want to network and get Social Proof but also you want your content to be found by your potential audience.

    These are some great tips that I follow and it has spanned out quite well. Incorporating SEO is a great way to get organic traffic and start building trust with your new readers.

    Grear post Ravi!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Most of the people ignore the aspect of the SEO for their blogs. There is always a major role of the SEO for the growth of your blog. You should try to write the friendly posts which can attain the proper audience.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great weekend.

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