10 Most Common Blogging Mistakes Repeated By Newbies : Every Beginner Should Know

common blogging mistakes

Blogging is a great way to make people aware about you or about your brand in an effective way. But in the beginning of blogging, every blogging do some most common blogging mistakes.

They try to handle the blog in their own way but fail to do it. To become a successful blogger it is necessary to know about blogging tips which can help.
For beginners, the main motive is always to get success as soon as possible. In the middle path of they encountered with common mistakes in blogging without even aware of them.

What Are The Simple Blogging Mistakes Done By Beginners?

It is always noticed that there are many common blogging mistakes are done by beginners. It is only because of the reasons I am going to explain in this post.

Newbies hit at their own foot while walking at a drastic path. It is considered that for bloggers who enter in the field of blogging should know about these blogging mistakes so that they can keep them in mind and, not to repeat them.

  • You Use Irrelevant Headings :- It is experienced that one from major blogging mistakes is that newbies are using improper headings. Many new bloggers do this common mistake in their post. The main motive is to make the post effective but they forget to keep their eye at the heading of that post. You all know that whenever you go to any website then the first thing to notice about is the heading of your query. Middle headings of the post are also important to notice.
  • You Use Paragraphs Structure In Your Full Post :- For the effectiveness of a blog post, it is necessary to submit it in a systematic way. Readers like to read a blog post in the form of points because it is easy to configure with the individual points at which part of the post it is related. Why people like point structure ? What’s the problem in writing paragraphs? You can get answers of suck kind of question at your own when you visit any blog having it. It is always told to beginners about such type blogging mistakes at a great extent when they approach any famous blogger.
  • You Don’t Have Your Own Domain Name :- There are many websites which provide domain name followed by their own. Connecting with WordPress.com and Blogger.com is helpful to new bloggers. But if a newbie wants to achieve something in blogging then for a professional it is recommended to use their own domain name like ‘www.yoursite.com‘. It signals to a professional approach. It will cost you some dollars but affordable for every newbie.
  • You Write Only For SEO :- When a newbie try to know about blogging then it is encountered with many posts summarizing, for which SEO should be the main concern for a blogger. No one can deny that SEO has a great stuff to think about. But when it comes to only SEO then it is counted in the most common blogging mistakes. Why is that so? Ask yourself are you writing for SEO or for your readers? I hope you will get your answer in favor of your readers. For a blogger, his/her reader should be the main priority.
  • When You Write Too Much Long Post :- Beginners will face a diplomatic situation in this stuff. Newbies read in blogging tips that writing long posts is included. But I am saying the reverse of it, Is it awful? Why is it? Writing long post is good but when it comes to the situation that your readers give up to read further and avoid to come back.
  • Not Checking Your Permalinks :- It is seen that permalinks of new blogs are not well optimized. When any beginner starts writing his/her post then you will notice their permalink as ‘www.theirsite.com/12?0′. Don’t you think these kind of permalinks are really bad? These are also not SEO friendly. Search engines don’t prefer these kinds of permalinks. Beginners should set their permalinks as ‘www.their site.com/posttitle‘ or may be as ‘www.theirsite.com/date/posttitle‘. This is included in common blogging mistakes done by beginners.
  • When You Don’t Use Related Images :- One from most common blogging mistakes is that newbies don’t use supporting images in their post. Many bloggers use images which don’t even have relation to the post which is somehow not favorable. Suppose you are writing a post related to Indian team who lost the tournament. In this situation, you should use the image a man trying to approach the prize, not a man sitting demoralized. You should use images which can encourage readers.
  • Avoiding Visitors comments :- It is a matter of great fact that readers should be provided with a good response to their query. Newbies ignore which are asked by their visitors which kept them in the danger zone. When a visitor doesn’t get responsive environment at the blog then you can expect him/her to return back. There may be many common mistakes in blogging but many famous bloggers consider it at the top.
  • Distract From The Facts :- Why it is included in blogging mistakes? Stop thinking and avoid filling up your blog with inappropriate content. When newbies get distracted from the fact of the blog then it is not considered good. Readers like to read what they want and at which post is.
  • Trying To Become Like Others :- When a newbie enters in the field of blogging he searches many famous blogs and it’s obvious that he/she will come to know about some famous bloggers. Consisting human nature beginners start thinking that on the day, they will become as those successful bloggers. In this blind path, they forget themselves which results into disaster. For a blogger, it is necessary to build up his/her own base. He/she shouldn’t rely on someone else.

Why Am I Reading These Bullshit Most Common Blogging Mistakes ?

Everyone is intelligent and may be it is of no need to tell them about these simple blogging mistakes. But as we all know we do mistakes while doing the stuff which we take normally.

Blogging is not a platform to take normal. Focus on your blog. Try to build connections, keep your content unique.

Ask yourself while reading this post, you will be revealed with many blogging mistakes you have done earlier. Once a blogger comes to know about the most common blogging mistakes which he/she has done in the past, the main aim should not repeat them again in future.

As we all know all blogging mistakes can’t be corrected at once. Go further step by step by conquering the world of blogging.

by Ravi Chahar

A WordPress Professional and the LinkedIn Influencer. A coder by passion and a blogger by choice. WordPress theme development is his forte. He is your WordPress guy who will teach you how to solve WordPress errors, WordPress security issues, design issues and what not.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Well, making mistakes is a part and parcel of blogging. At one stage or the other, we all make mistakes.

    I think there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. The key is to learn from them and bounce back! It is what actually matters! What say?

    Among the mistakes you listed above, overdoing SEO is what I did the most. It cost me a lot also. My blogs got punished due to overdoing of SEO!

    Another big mistake from my side in the beginning was not focusing on networking at all. Thankfully, i overcame those mistakes and made good progress.

    Hope that this article of yours will help many newbies! 🙂


    1. Hey Arun,
      I totally agree with your thoughts as we all do mistakes and mistakes are the major part of everyone’s life.
      In the blogoshere there are millions of websites which are trying there best to make themselves appropriate for SEO but sometimes its hard to do that. Specially, newbies who enter in the field of blogging and with their increasing curiosity they forget about Google policies and later on face Google penalty. For a perfect blogger it is necessary to learn SEO.
      Nice to see you again.
      Enjoy your visits at BloggingLove.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    I have to agree with all your points but as Arun pointed out, we all make mistakes.

    I think the issue is when we’re first starting out either we just aren’t aware of everything of course because most have been enticed into blogging with the thought that they just put up a blog and start writing. We all can say having been doing this awhile that there is so much to learn and it can all be quite confusing. A lot of times they end up listening to people who don’t have their best interests at heart either.

    These are really good points though so thanks for sharing them and I’m sure that most new bloggers can benefit from reading this post.

    Thank you again and have a great weekend.


  3. Hi Ravi,

    Nice list of the mistakes we all tend to make 🙂

    Mistakes are inevitable, especially when we are new to blogging, and without making mistakes, we can never really learn, isn’t it?

    I think more than just concentrate on writing good content that would help your readers, new bloggers start stuffing their posts with keywords or SEO tactics to rank better. I am glad Google has changed all that now, and the more natural you write, the better your blog becomes.

    Besides, you mentioned it all. Also, writing in short paragraphs of 2-3 lines each, helps to grasp the attention of the readers, instead of long ones. Long posts are not a problem if you have some thing that engages your audience. Google prefers posts of 2000+ words nowadays (I guess I don’t have to worry about that!!)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hey Harleena,

      Thanks for your precious comment.
      Yes, I agree with you about writing posts in small paragraphs is a good way to engage readers. When it is about to write bigger posts then sometimes readers get bored and don’t pursue it further to read if the content is not of worthy reading. Beginners try to manipulate Google by doing keyword stuffing for SEO. They don’t concentrate on natural writing. In my opinion writing a post in our own way will engage more readers.

  4. hi ravi this is my first visit and first comment on your blog i like your article about the mistakes made by beginners i m also a beginner ok thanks for this valuable article.

  5. Hey Ravi,

    Really this are some mistake which is normally a newbie blogger makes, when i was new to blogging i also committed some mistake like avoiding commentators, thinking to become like a famous blogger without applying any strategies. But now i try to avoid each and every mistake which any blogger can make.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Suprabhat,

      Mistakes are the part of our life but if you repeat them again and again then they will not consider as mistakes.

      Many bloggers try to make money in their staring days which is not a great approach. I have seen many bloggers put affiliate links even in their first month of the blog.

      I mean who will buy from them? If bloggers don’t have connections then putting any affiliate link of any product is useless.

      Glad to see you here again.

      Have a wonderful week ahead.:)


  6. Hello Ravi!!
    It will amaze you to know that sometimes even seasoned blogger unconsciously make these mistake due to work overload.
    However, I agree with you.Bloggers often write like they are writing an essay.
    Your message should be simple and well organized so its not like a whole bunch of paragraphs.

    Thanks for sharing :,)

    1. Hey Van,

      Mistakes are made by all the people often.
      But newbies try to make money easily and fast which is not so good to think about.

      The above list has included many mistakes done by beginners.

      Thanks for your wonderful input.

      Have a nice day.:)


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