How To Uninstall A WordPress Plugin Completely From The Database

uninstall a wordpress plugin completely

If you’re running a WordPress website then you would know the importance of the plugins. You can find a plugin for everything. WordPress repository consists thousands of plugins. But after using any plugin, you always remove it from your WordPress plugin’s list. Just like everyone, you use the uninstall button below the plugin. Have you […] Read More

How To Create An Audio Playlist In WordPress Without Any Plugin

how to create an audio playlist in wordpress

There are many music websites which are using WordPress to add their audio songs. Do you want to add any audio file or even want to create an audio playlist in WordPress? Most of the people would go to find a plugin. You would be happy to know that WordPress supports all the famous audio […] Read More

How To Install WordPress Using One Click Installation Method?

install wordpress using one click installation method

Before starting a blog, you’re always recommended to learn a little bit about WordPress CMS. In all the guides, the first thing would be the WordPress installation. There are many ways to accomplish that. A few people prefer the manual method using the cPanel. But here you will learn how to install WordPress using one […] Read More

How To Send Emails From WordPress Using Gmail SMTP?

send emails from wordpress using gmail smtp

WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send notifications to its users. Whether it’s about sending an email regarding the comment approval or anything similar to that. In some cases, the emails getĀ failed and WordPress users don’t even realize it. To solve this problem, many people are using the SMTP( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ). […] Read More

How To Add An Audio Music Player In WordPress Sidebar?

add an audio music player in wordpress sidebar

Nowadays, people are adding their podcasts, audio music files to their website. Some people even use their audio to welcome their readers. It’s a great idea to provide a better user experience. You can use it on the landing page of your website. But sometimes, people try to add an audio music player in WordPress […] Read More

Check Plugins Which Are No Longer Present In WordPress Directory.

check plugins which are no longer present in wordpress directory

WordPress repository consists thousands of plugins and many of them get removed. It’s because of they don’t get updated and maybe the plugin author want to get it removed. There are many rules of the directory which should be followed. Due to theĀ violation of those rules, many plugins get removed from the directory. People […] Read More