How to Protect the WP-CONTENT Folder of Your WordPress Website

Protect the wp-content folder

For a WordPress website, the whole content is present in the wp-content folder. It’s possible that hackers can upload new files. It’s important to protect the wp-content folder for better security. The security has always been a concern to many. Most of the WordPress users don’t really pay attention to this which turns out to […] Read More

How to Protect the .htaccess File From Unauthorized Access

Protect the .htaccess file from unauthorized access

The .htaccess file is one of the most powerful files of your WordPress website. You should protect the .htaccess file from unauthorized access. There are a lot of things which can be done by adding the code snippet in this file. You can improve the security of your WordPress website. What if this file gets […] Read More

How Many WordPress Plugins are too Many for Your Website

How many plugins are too many

This is one of the biggest concerns to every WordPress user. Haven’t you thought about how many WordPress plugins are too many? What’s the exact number you shouldn’t cross? In the past few years, the numbers of WordPress websites have been increased which brings more questions. To run a WordPress blog smoothly, you would definitely […] Read More

How to Change WordPress Database Tables Prefix for More Security

Change WordPress database tables prefix

WordPress security has always been a concern because of many websites get hacked every year. The database of a website is the other half which needs to be protected. You can change WordPress database tables prefix. It’s because when you install WordPress, the database tables prefix is “wp_” which is default and hackers can easily […] Read More