Check Plugins Which Are No Longer Present In WordPress Directory.

check plugins which are no longer present in wordpress directory

WordPress repository consists thousands of plugins and many of them get removed. It’s because of they don’t get updated and maybe the plugin author want to get it removed. There are many rules of the directory which should be followed. Due to the┬áviolation of those rules, many plugins get removed from the directory. People […] Read More

How To Block A WordPress User Without Deleting His Account?

block a wordpress user without deleting his account

Sometimes you may need to block a user due to some annoying activities. Have you ever thought to do that? Well, the first thing comes to your mind is to delete the user’s account. But you will lose the content written by that user. Suppose if you have accepted the guest posts and then after […] Read More

How To Add Facebook Reaction Buttons To Your WordPress Blog Posts?

add facebook reaction buttons to your wordpress blog posts

People are crazy about emoticons. Whether you look on any messaging app or Facebook, those smiley faces are everywhere. Then why can’t you add Facebook reaction buttons to your WordPress blog posts? Do you think it would be hard? Well, there is nothing hard if you’re running your blog on WordPress. There are thousands of […] Read More

403 Forbidden Error In WordPress : The Problem Is Solved.

how to fix 403 forbidden error in wordpress

While running a WordPress website, you may get many errors and one of the major errors is 404 forbidden error. It happens sometimes when you’re not allowed to access your website. WordPress replies with a code showing that you can’t able to enter. There may be many reasons. Do you have any idea how to […] Read More

How To Change The Number of Posts Per Page In WordPress?

change the number of posts per page in wordpress

It’s always recommended to reduce the page loading time of your blog and improve the user’s experience. It can be done by changing the default number of posts to be displayed on each page of your WordPress website. When you first install WordPress then it has the default settings where 10 posts will showing on […] Read More

How To Install WordPress On A USB Drive With XAMPP?

install wordpress on a usb drive

There is an interesting thing coming to you. People are really curious about the WordPress platform and today, I am going to provide you the guide to install WordPress on a USB drive using XAMPP. Do you know that you can install Xampp on a USB drive? Well, the whole process would be concluded with […] Read More