8 Best Two-Factor Authentication WordPress Plugins

Best two-factor authentication WordPress plugins

WordPress security is one of the major issues for the beginners. Many websites are getting hacked every year. There is always recommended to take some essential steps to improve the security. Have you ever thought to add two-step authentication? Today, you are going to know about the best two-factor authentication WordPress plugins. WordPress users fret […] Read More

How To Password Protect Your WordPress Admin Directory

Password protect WordPress admin directory

The security of a WordPress website is one of the major concerns and you should always look for adding one more security layer. The admin directory is responsible for accessing your WordPress dashboard. You pass through the login phase and enter in the admin panel. Have you ever thought to password protect your WordPress admin directory? […] Read More

How To Solve Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Problem In WordPress

facebook incorrect thumbnail problem in wordpress

Many users complain about not showing the post thumbnail while sharing their posts on Facebook. Have you ever experienced that? Just a few days ago, I was going through the status updates in a group and someone was stuck with the same thing. Today, you will learn how to solve Facebook incorrect thumbnail problem in […] Read More

How To Show Recent Comments In The WordPress Sidebar

Show recent comments in the wordpress sidebar

For beginners, one of the biggest challenges is to show recent comments in the WordPress sidebar. Though WordPress is an easy CMS but a few people get stuck with these basic things. To increase the user engagement, it can be an effective step. Many people are even using the plugins to show top commentators. It […] Read More

How To Clean Up Your WordPress Database To Improve The Speed?

clean up your wordpress database

The page loading time of your website plays an important role in many things. Whether it’s about the user experience or the SEO, the speed is everything. The database of your website is one of the things you should take care of. You should know how to clean up your WordPress database. It’s because whenever […] Read More

How To Update URLs When Moving Your Site To A New Place

Update URLs When Moving Your Site

Doesn’t that overwhelming when you migrate your WordPress site and update each and every link manually? If you have ever tried to change the location of your website you may have faced a problem with the links. It’s because the URL has changed. Most of the people go with the manual way which is time-consuming. […] Read More