Red Alert : Signs That You Should Change Your Web Hosting.

signs that you should change your web hosting

Before you even jump into this blogosphere, it’s always recommended to choose the best web hosting. And if you don’t then it would be a disaster. Many people get so irritated of their web hostings that they finally give up. There are many signs that you should change your web hosting for sure. Read More

How to Make Money Using Web hosting Affiliate Programs?

Web hosting Affiliate Programs

If you are blogging for making money online through affiliate marketing, then I am sure you are amazed how top bloggers are making huge money by promoting different web hosting programs. Affiliate marketing needs good knowledge about the product, experience of SEO & digital marketing and above all, patience. If you are running a blog […] Read More

How to Edit the .Htaccess File In WordPress Using cPanel?

edit htaccess wordpress

While running a WordPress blog, there are many files about which you should know. One of the most important files is the .htaccess file. Have you ever added any code in this file? Well, you should know how to edit the .htaccess file in WordPress? This file isn’t the common file you think. Read More

Reseller Hosting : What Is Reseller Hosting ?

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting : It is a kind of web hosting which is managed by a third party. When any company or a firm have web hosting and distribute to other companies then it is called reseller hosting. The particular company which has bought or pay rent for any web hosting and share its hard disk […] Read More