How To Limit Comment Length In WordPress Without Plugin

how to limit comment length in wordpress

If you’re a blogger then you would know the importance of getting the comments. People try hard to write quality comments on others’ blogs but few of them fail. It’s because they don’t put any value in their comments. Have you ever thought to create a limit for the number of characters in your comment […] Read More

How To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress Using Typekit

Add custom fonts in wordpress using typekit

Whenever you see an attractive font at any website, you may think about adding to your website too. Well, it can be done by adding the custom fonts. There are many ways to change the typography in WordPress. Typekit is one of the biggest websites having a collection of thousands of custom fonts. You will […] Read More

How To Move From Medium To WordPress Without Losing The Content

Move from Medium to WordPress

From the last couple of years, Medium has evolved as a platform worth using. But to give a new direction to your blogging career, you should move from Medium to WordPress. WordPress needs no introduction because of its amazing tools and the number of websites running right now. More and more people are shifting from […] Read More

How To Embed Google Calendar In WordPress Properly

Embed Google calendar in WordPress

Google calendar is one of the best tools you can have. You can manage your events and schedule the timetable which can help you handle your projects. You can let your employees know about the project due date and the meeting you have with them. For which, you can embed Google calendar in WordPress. There […] Read More

Different Ways To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress Theme

Ways to add custom fonts in WordPress

Are you thinking about revamping your website design? Well adding custom fonts can let you give a totally new look to your website. Nowadays most of the WordPress themes come with the built-in custom fonts which make them look premium. There are many ways to add custom fonts in WordPress. You can use Google fonts, […] Read More

How To Add Google Calender In WordPress Without Any Plugin

Add Google calendar in WordPress without any plugin

Google calendar has been a professional source to maintain the events, meeting etc. In the past few years, people have realized the use of this amazing Google resource. You may have seen it after logging in to your Google account but never thought to give it a try because of no professional use required. Have […] Read More