Things To Keep In Your Mind When You Hire A Web Designer.

Hire a web designer

No one can’t even count the number of websites running on this world wide web. And the web designers who have designed those websites are even more in number. When it comes to redesigning or starting your new website, you would find yourself in a difficult situation. You may want to hire a web designer […] Read More

How To Add CSS Animation In WordPress Without Coding

Add css animation in wordpress without coding

You may have seen at many websites where the content keeps bouncing. The heading or even the images show an animated effect when you scroll down. It’s the CSS animated effect which can help you increase the user experience. Without the use of videos, you can put an attractive effect. Do you know how to […] Read More

10 Steps For A Perfect Website Layout Which Can Stand

Perfect website layout

Website designing and development is a kind of tricky thing. I remember the mistakes I made during the designing of BloggingLove. For a perfect website layout, you should make a proper one to one planning. There are millions of websites running on this world wide web and you can’t just copy any layout. To create […] Read More

Different Ways To Add Custom CSS To WordPress Website

add custom CSS to WordPress website

To revamp your site, you may in need to add custom CSS to WordPress website. Most of the people try to edit the main style.css file of the theme which can be risky. It’s not recommended to edit the main design file until you have an expertise in designing. To get rid of these fears, […] Read More

How To Maintain The SEO Ranking When Redesigning A Website.

maintain the SEO ranking when redesigning a website

People are more curious about the design of their websites. Everyone is taking one step further to redesign the website. The web design has changed so much that you can’t even look at the websites which were designed in the 90s. People are more aware of what a better design is. If you’re also thinking […] Read More

How To Customize WordPress Login Page Without Coding

customize wordpress login page without coding

Have you ever thought to change the design of your login page? If you’re running a membership or multi-user website then you should definitely redesign it. When it comes to web designing, those codes start rolling in your mind. Well, in this tutorial, you will learn the best possible way to customize WordPress login page […] Read More