How To Setup a Professional Email Address With G Suite?

setup a professional email address with g suite

To look like a professional it’s important to have a professional email address. Most of the people create an email address using their own domain name. But the web hosting companies use the unsecured path to send and receive the emails. You can’t have the surety of the positive results. You won’t know whether the […] Read More

25 Million Dollar Tips For A Professional LinkedIn Profile.

tips for a professional linkedin profile

In today’s era of social media and brand building, people are heading towards one of the leading social networking platforms. Yes, I am talking about LinkedIn. From the past few years, LinkedIn has emerged as a platform to fulfill all the professional needs. People are getting their dream jobs and connecting with people around the […] Read More

How To Embed Selective Tweets In WordPress Website?

embed selective tweets in wordpress

Twitter is one of the leading social media networks and people are using to get more traffic to their blog. But the thing is that people¬†add tweets to website without any plugin. They even show their timeline on their blog. You may have noticed the tweets in the sidebar of many websites. What would you […] Read More

How Can You Show Live Tweets On Website Without Any Plugin?

show live tweets on website

At many websites, you may have noticed the live tweets showing in the sidebar or any other place. Have you ever wondered how can you show live tweets on website? If you’re a WordPress user then the first thing which can come to your mind is the plugin. It’s obvious because you can accomplish every […] Read More