How To Add Tooltip In WordPress Posts And Pages Correctly?

add tooltip in wordpres

Have you heard of tooltip before? If you’re a developer then it won’t seem to be a new thing to you. But if you’re a blogger, a writer then maybe it would seem odd.

Let me put some light on the meaning of tooltip. Have you ever visited a website where you see a popup when you take your cursor on any word?

It’s like showing the meaning of a word when the users bring their cursor to that word.  In this article, you will learn to add tooltip in WordPress.

There are many premium themes which have an inbuilt feature to use the tooltip shortcode. But it’s hard to find such themes. So here we are going to use a plugin.

Use “WordPress Tooltips” To Add Tooltip In WordPress.

There are a few steps you should understand.

Step 1:- Install and active WordPress Tooltips.

Step 2:- You will see three options in the “Tooltip” menu. To add any tooltip in your posts or pages, you have to create it.

add tooltip in wordpres

Step 3:- When you write any blog post then you can decide the word for which you want to show the tooltip. Just choose that word as the title of the tooltip post.

The content of the tooltip post would be the statement you want to show when someone brings the cursor to that word.

Step 4:- After adding the tooltip post, whenever you use that word in your blog posts or pages, you would see a dotted line under that word and the tooltip will be showing.

how to add add tooltip in wordpres

I have added “WordPress” as the tooltip post title and “The Best CMS” as the content. It means when I add WordPress in my blog posts then people will see “The Best CMS” as the pop over when they take their cursor to “WordPress”.

To add any other tooltip, you can create a new post from the tooltip section. There are more options available.

Can You Now Add Tooltip In WordPress Posts and Pages?

As I have mentioned above, you just have to install the plugin, create the tooltip post, add that word and you are ready to go.

You can also add the image tooltip. This plugin provides you the freedom to create an image tooltip too. Just like your word tooltip, you have to create another tooltip post.

by Ravi Chahar

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