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Couldn’t You Find Your .htaccess File? Create a New One

create a new .htaccess file

When you use self-hosted WordPress platform then there are many things to know for managing your website. WordPress is the boss and it can alter many files according to its own. Most of the beginners get scared when they get any error message or can't find any particular file. In this tutorial, I am going Read More

Check And Repair SQL Database: The Guide You Want Is Here

check and repair sql database

For a website creating a database is the most significant part to complete. When it comes to any error in the database then you have to know how to check and repair the database? In this tutorial, I am going to tell you about checking and repairing of the database tables. There are many things Read More

500 Internal Server Error In WordPress : The Solution Is Here

500 internal server error

We have talked about removing database connection error. And now I am going to discuss regarding 500 internal server error. There are many people who have faced this problem and most of the newbies get scared after getting this message. They don't need to panic. As the error shows, it is an internal server error Read More

How To Remove “Error Establishing A Database Connection” Message?

error establishing a database connection

While running a website, due to one single mistake, you can break your website. When it comes to the database then people don't really feel like playing with it. Creating a new user in the database can be done by not more. Some people face a problem by getting "error establishing a database connection" message at Read More

How To Allow Users To Register On Your WordPress Website?

how to allow users to register to your wordpress website

You may have read about adding a new user to WordPress, managing their roles. But have you ever thought as how to allow users to register at your website? I mean if you don't allow users to register at your website then how will they become your subscriber? In this tutorial, I am going to show Read More