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How To Choose A WordPress Plugin Which Can Satisfy You?

choose a good plugin

You are all aware about the availability of thousand of plugins in WordPress directory. From all the WordPress plugins it's somehow difficult to choose a good plugin. You may find more than one plugin for your query but to make sure before using is necessary as we all know that we should keep our path Read More

10 Things To Do Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

change your wordpress theme

You must take care about the design of your WordPress blog for which you need to choose best theme. In the previous days of blogging most of bloggers use free theme and after some time they change the theme to give an attractive look to their blog.When You switch to WordPress then you will be Read More

How To use CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin For Free?

commentluv premium wordpress plugin

CommentLuv premium is a well known WordPress plugin to enable for the comment section of a blog. It is created by Andy Bailey. Most of you think that I am going to provide you CommentLuv premium WordPress plugin for free or there is any download link for it but you are wrong. I am just Read More

Beginners Guide To Tell How To Install A WordPress Theme?

install a theme

How to install a WordPress theme? A question asked by most of bloggers who enter in the blogosphere. It's basically the doubt of bloggers who switch to WordPress. Many bloggers may be thinking as this is really simple so what is the need to write this. In my opinion for newbies every new thing is Read More

Simple Steps To Install WordPress Plugins For Beginners

wordpress plugin

WordPress plugins - A well known term to bloggers but for beginners it's something new and they seek at many blogs to know about their installation. Some newbies face problem and ask question to install WordPress plugins. Many beginners who use fully-hosted version of WordPress i.e can't get the benefits of any of the Read More