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How To Change Admin Username In WordPress Using cPanel Safely?


You may think that how to change admin username in WordPress after reading that WordPress username can't change. There are many like you in this blogosphere you still think that they can't change username in WordPress. I must tell you that you can change username and password both in WordPress. There are many reasons you Read More

How To Set Default Category For Your Posts In WordPress?

change category

You may have heard about selecting categories for your blog posts. But do you know that when you install WordPress at your Web Hosting then your post will remain uncategorized because WordPress has its default category. If you want to change default category then here you are. In this post I am going to tell Read More

How To Set Your Website On Maintenance Mode Using A Plugin?

how to put your site in maintenance mode

Have you ever though to do some changes in your website? Have you ever thought about the appearance of your website when you do some changes with the design? Do you provide a broken website or any particular page which shows about maintenance work about your website? Its always recommended that while editing your work Read More

What Are Crawl Errors And How To Remove Them Using GWT?


While handling your website you may get some errors. You can check about crawl errors by visiting Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). You all know that Google bots crawl your website and if they face any problem in crawling then GWT is the one which will let you know about those crawl errors. Many bloggers ask Read More

What Is Robots.txt File And How To Use It For Your Blog?

create robots.txt

  There are many factors of SEO for your WordPress blog. While walking in the path of blogging journey you will come to know about Robots.txt file which is just a simple file created by robots.txt file generator or you can create it yourself by using Notepad. Are you wondering about this file? Do you Read More