Meet Me at WordCamp Delhi 2017: Improve Your WordPress Skills

WordCamp Delhi

From the last couple of years, WordCamps has been happening in India and with an urge to spread the words about WordPress, WordCamp Delhi is on its way. WordCamps haveĀ happened in the different cities of our country including Mumbai, Nasik, Pune, Udaipur, Nagpur, Kanpur and now at Delhi on August 19th, 2017. And you know […] Read More

Do Inactive Plugins Slow Down Your WordPress Website

Inactive Plugins Slow Down Your WordPress Website

People read that it’s not recommended to keep the inactive plugins in their WordPress plugins’ list. But what’s the reason? Do inactive plugins slow down your WordPress website? Just a few days ago, someone asked me what’s the demerit of keeping the deactivated plugins and why everyone is worried about those. Have you ever thought […] Read More

How to Gain 20000 Twitter Followers Like I Did Within a Few Months

Gain 20000 Twitter followers

With the urge to get the social media attention, people are more focused towards the platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. You can easily gain 20000 Twitter followers just like I did. Isn’t that a number you would like? Even I was dreaming to scale my Twitter followers and failed many times. If you’re running an […] Read More

How to Limit or Stop WordPress Heartbeat API to Reduce CPU Usage

Limit or Stop WordPress Heartbeat API

Have you ever thought what’s responsible for showing you the activity of any other author to you? How can you see that someone is editing a post? This is controlled by the Heartbeat API which was introduced in WordPress 3.6. There are many other functionalities provided by this API. It’s very useful when you have […] Read More

Dominate LinkedIn With These Two Self-Tested Methods

Dominate LinkedIn

Everyone has a quest to build a personal brand on the social media platforms. LinkedIn is considered as one of the most effective platforms and people want to dominate LinkedIn. Don’t you ever think about ruling over millions of people’s heart? Well, LinkedIn is a platform where you can spread your words for your professional […] Read More

How to Add a Real WordPress Cron Job for a Faster Website

Add a real WordPress Cron job

This is a kind of complicated topic for the beginners. First of all, you should know what are WordPress Cron jobs and how can you add a real WordPress Cron job. Let me ask you something. Don’t you want a fast loading website? Have you tried so hard to reduce the page loading time of […] Read More