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10 Killer Tips To Provide Customer Service Via Social Media

customer service

Social media is an intermediate source which connects both customers and business owners. You may think that you can leverage social media for providing good customer service but it's not that much easy like you think. It requires a lot of planning and efforts to provide customer service via social media. Social media can help Read More

You Can Add Special Characters In WordPress Post Easily

special characters

You can add special characters in WordPress post easily. Have you ever thought that how many famous websites, companies have their trademark™, copyright© and many other symbols? As you all aware that WordPress has given amazing features to use and you can also add these special characters into your WordPress post just by using special Read More

How To Backup WordPress Site And Database Using cPanel Safely?


How to backup my website? This is the question which worries many bloggers. It's always recommended that for your vulnerable period you should have the backup of your website and database. Many bloggers face problem while doing backup manually. It's because many Web Host don't provide automatic backup service. Theirs clients need to do it Read More