How To Add YouTube Subscribe Button To WordPress Website?

add youtube button

Every now and then, you would hearĀ about YouTube and its videos. Nowadays, people are showing their talent through the visual content. Most of the website owners show the subscribe button to their website. Do you want to do that? Do you know how to add YouTube subscribe button to WordPress website? Everyone wants to get […] Read More

How To Install A New Language In WordPress?

install new language

WordPress comes with many languages and you can select the language while installing WordPress. But do you know how to add new language in WordPress other than the default languages? Yes, you heard it right. You can install many languages to the WordPress CMS. WordPress supports many languages but a few users like to expand […] Read More

How To Change WordPress Theme Via Database Without Coding?

change wordpress theme

Every WordPress blog needs a theme to give it a beautiful look. The theme you use may be free or premium and you will see the name on the dashboard and the themes’ section. You can change the theme from the admin area. But do you know how to change WordPress theme via database? Yes, […] Read More

How To Add Facebook Like Button To WordPress Website?

add facebook like button

Facebook doesn’t need an introduction. You all know that it’s one the most popular social media networks. Millions of users are there. People add Facebook share button to their websites to increase the social engagement. Along with the share button do you know how to add Facebook like button to WordPress website? There are many […] Read More

How To Change Theme Name In WordPress Dashboard?

change theme name

Are you using a free theme or a premium theme? Do you like the name of your theme? Do you know that you can change theme name in WordPress dashboard? If you don’t like the name of your theme then you can rename it. In the themes section, you may see that the theme you’re […] Read More

What Would Happen After Changing Your WordPress Theme?

changing wordpress theme

There are many themes available for your blog on the internet. Are you thinking about changing it? Have you ever though what would happen after changing your WordPress theme? When you have a fully customized theme on your blog and you want to change it just because of another beautiful design. Then you should know […] Read More