How To Clean Up Your WordPress Database To Improve The Speed?

clean up your wordpress database

The page loading time of your website plays an important role in many things. Whether it’s about the user experience or the SEO, the speed is everything. The database of your website is one of the things you should take care of. You should know how to clean up your WordPress database. It’s because whenever […] Read More

How To Update URLs When Moving Your Site To A New Place

Update URLs When Moving Your Site

Doesn’t that overwhelming when you migrate your WordPress site and update each and every link manually? If you have ever tried to change the location of your website you may have faced a problem with the links. It’s because the URL has changed. Most of the people go with the manual way which is time-consuming. […] Read More

How To Add Snapchat Snapcode In WordPress Within No Time

add Snapchat Snapcode in WordPress

Snapchat has become one of the famous platforms because of its filters and various funny options. People are even using their websites to increase the followers. Do you want to get gain more followers from your website? Do you know how to add Snapchat Snapcode in WordPress? Many people are using it even for their […] Read More

How To Add Facebook Author Meta Tag in WordPress

add facebook author meta tag in wordpress

Have you ever noticed the author name along with the posts you share on Facebook? With the link of your website post, you can add the link of your Facebook profile. It increases the user engagement and boosts your business growth. Even when you share your posts on your business Facebook page, your readers can […] Read More

Different Ways To Add Custom CSS To WordPress Website

add custom CSS to WordPress website

To revamp your site, you may in need to add custom CSS to WordPress website. Most of the people try to edit the main style.css file of the theme which can be risky. It’s not recommended to edit the main design file until you have an expertise in designing. To get rid of these fears, […] Read More

How To Maintain The SEO Ranking When Redesigning A Website.

maintain the SEO ranking when redesigning a website

People are more curious about the design of their websites. Everyone is taking one step further to redesign the website. The web design has changed so much that you can’t even look at the websites which were designed in the 90s. People are more aware of what a better design is. If you’re also thinking […] Read More