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A Simple Guide To Set Up Feedburner For Your Website?

set up feedburner

Have you heard of the RSS feeds? When you start your WordPress website then one of the important things is to set up Feedburner. It will help you to analyze the position of your blog and the activity of the people. It keeps updated the content of the website to analyze it. In this post Read More

How To Disable PHP Execution Using The .htaccess File?

htaccess prevent php execution

Do you have any doubt that your website may get hacked due to lack of the security levels. To improve the security of your website, you should take some serious steps. In this post, I am going to tell you as how can you disable PHP execution using the .htaccess file. We all know that in Read More

How To Transfer WordPress Site From Localhost To Server?

move website from localhost to server

Most of you may have an offline website running on the local host. That localhost may be created by Xampp for windows and MAMP for Mac users. Do you know how to migrate WordPress site from localhost to server? Have you ever thought that you should move your website on a live server so that Read More

How To Move WordPress From Subfolder To Root Directory?

move wordpress from subfolder to root

Do you run multiple sites on your web hosting server? Do you have an addon domain or the parked domain? Some people try their website by placing the WordPress in any folder other than the root directory. But after checking, they prefer to move WordPress from subfolder to root directory. Do you want to know how Read More