Merge Two WordPress Sites Into One Without Losing SEO And Content

Merge two WordPress websites into one

Are you looking to merge two WordPress sites into one? Just a few days ago, someone asked about it because she ended up migrating one website to another host. Most of the WordPress users are confused between migrating the full website and only the content. Let me clear it. Migration of a WordPress website is […] Read More

How Many WordPress Plugins are too Many for Your Website

How many plugins are too many

This is one of the biggest concerns to every WordPress user. Haven’t you thought about how many WordPress plugins are too many? What’s the exact number you shouldn’t cross? In the past few years, the numbers of WordPress websites have been increased which brings more questions. To run a WordPress blog smoothly, you would definitely […] Read More

Import and Export WordPress Content from One Blog to Another

Import and export WordPress content

Moving the data from one blog to another can be tricky to many. Many people want to import and export WordPress content from one blog to another with the selective posts and pages. The complete migration is a totally different concept. If you want to move your posts from your new blog to build the […] Read More