10 Secrets of Successful Blogging Which Can Give You A Direction.

secrets of successful blogging

Isn’t that mind striking? Are you thinking as if what does it take to build a successful blog? What are the secrets of successful blogging? In the past few years, I have learned a lot about blogging and I can relate to the people who are still thinking about the real truth about blogging. But […] Read More

How To Embed Selective Tweets In WordPress Website?

embed selective tweets in wordpress

Twitter is one of the leading social media networks and people are using to get more traffic to their blog. But the thing is that people¬†add tweets to website without any plugin. They even show their timeline on their blog. You may have noticed the tweets in the sidebar of many websites. What would you […] Read More

How To Display Round Gravatar On Your WordPress Website?

display round gravatar

A couple of days ago, someone asked a question in the WordPress forum how to display round gravatar on his website? There are many websites which are showing the circular author image in the author box below each post. Do you know how? In a few WordPress themes, there is an inbuilt code for that. […] Read More

How To Add Dummy Content To WordPress Theme For Testing?

add dummy content to wordpress

Nowadays, people are into web development and WordPress themes are the main focus of many developers. Have you tried to develop any theme for your blog? If you’re a WordPress theme developer then you would need to test your theme. But do you know how to add dummy content to WordPress theme? Whether you add […] Read More

Full Post Vs Summary : Which One Is Better For Your Blog?

full post vs summary

Most of the WordPress users are showing the excerpt on their website. Whether you see the archive page or the blog page, you would see the excerpt of the post. But the point is what’s beneficial from the SEO point of view? Full post vs summary, what would you prefer and why? In this article, […] Read More