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Many Things Which Can Make You look Bad On Twitter : Avoid Them

twitter mistakes

You all do mistakes in your life and while using any social media platform specially Twitter. You make some Twitter mistakes which are not good for your reputation. You do something and feel like "oops I shouldn't do that". While tweeting, greeting anyone, any picture upload and else you do some big mistakes which can Read More

How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme For Your New Website?

choose a wordpress theme

When you think of setting up a new website then many things come into your mind from which look of your website is the major concern. You may find many mind blasting situations in which you may get confused and regarding your website you need to choose a WordPress theme. When any newbies enters in Read More

How To Remove Gravatar From WordPress Within Two Seconds?

disable gravatar

Few days ago I have written a post about Gravatar. How to get it? What are the benefits and more? But the question arises as if people want to disable Gravatar then how to do that? How to remove Gravatar From WordPress? Whenever people come to know about any new thing to use then they Read More