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How To Fix The Sidebar Shifting Error In A Website?

fix sidebar problem

While working with the WordPress platform you may get few problems with your website. There are some cases in which people face sidebar shifting error in their website. There is nothing wrong with your website or the CMS. There are few things to check for solving this error.  In this tutorial, I am going to Read More

5 Elements Of Successful Content Marketing For better Results

5 elements of successful content marketing

This post is a guest post by Emily Jhonson who writes reviews of essay writing services at her website omnipapers.com. It is an effective way of finding an essay writing service provider. All the Students will be happy to visit her blog. Content marketing plays an important role in promoting your business on the web Read More

How To Stop Featured Image Appearing Twice In The Post?

fix featured image problem

It's amazing to work at the WordPress platform. If you are a pro then it would be fun with WordPress. But if you are a beginner then there are many things to learn about WordPress. Writing a blog post takes many things into consideration. You should take care about the length, quality and more. Most Read More

HTTP Error? Solve Image Upload Problems In WordPress

change permissions

WordPress is a vast platform to use and there are many things to learn about it. People face image upload problems in WordPress. They get HTTP error while uploading any image in the media library of the WordPress. Are you afraid of it? You shouldn't be. I am here to let you know how to Read More

Couldn’t You Find Your .htaccess File? Create a New One

create a new .htaccess file

When you use self-hosted WordPress platform then there are many things to know for managing your website. WordPress is the boss and it can alter many files according to its own. Most of the beginners get scared when they get any error message or can't find any particular file. In this tutorial, I am going Read More