Different Ways To Backup Your WordPress Database Manually

Different ways to backup your WordPress database

Having the backup of your website and the database is the first thing you should focus on. Whether you install a new plugin or try something else, it’s always recommended to backup your WordPress website. As you all know the database gets updated every time you publish any post, install a plugin, delete a plugin, […] Read More

How To Downgrade A WordPress Plugin To Fix Your Website

Downgrade a WordPress plugin

Sometimes, a plugin update can break your website because of its poor coding and incompatibility with any other plugin. Have you ever thought to downgrade a WordPress plugin? To enjoy the plugin’s service you can install the older version. Though it’s always recommended to keep everything updated but if there is any┬ábug in the latest […] Read More

How Can You Enable Automatic Updates For WordPress Plugins

Enable automatic updates for WordPress plugins

It’s no new topic to talk about. WordPress users are always recommended to keep its core, plugins and the themes updated. It’s because of the security purpose and many other aspects. If you’re a regular WordPress user then it won’t be a problem. You can easily update plugins and themes manually. But when you don’t […] Read More

How To Move Your Blog From LiveJournal To WordPress

Move your blog from LiveJournal to WordPress

LiveJournal is a platform where you can create your own blog and publish the journals or even contribute to the community. Every platform has some limitations and in today’s era of blogging, WordPress is one of the best platforms. If you have decided to move your blog from LiveJournal to WordPress then this guide is […] Read More

How to Add Icon Fonts in your WordPress Theme the Right Way

Add icon fonts in your WordPress theme

Nowadays, WordPress users are curious about the use of vector icons. Have you ever asked your WordPress developer to add icon fonts in your WordPress theme? Whenever you visit a website, you may see many vector social icons which can be redesigned if you have expertise in CSS. Have you ever tried to show a […] Read More

Things To Keep In Your Mind When You Hire A Web Designer.

Hire a web designer

No one can’t even count the number of websites running on this world wide web. And the web designers who have designed those websites are even more in number. When it comes to redesigning or starting your new website, you would find yourself in a difficult situation. You may want to hire a web designer […] Read More