How To Add Author Name And Date Under Post Title In WordPress?

display date under post title

Are you developing a WordPress theme? Are you trying to configure the single post appearance? Do you want to add author name and date under post title in WordPress? In this post, I am going to walk you through the process which can help you to understand the concept of WordPress functions to display date […] Read More

The Most Important Factors To Consider When Designing A Website.

factors to consider while designing a website

In the world of online business, the web development and designing has evolved to a great extent. People are heading towards the web designing companies. There are many important factors to consider when designing a website. It doesn’t matter whether the website is on WordPress or any other platforms. For a web designer, it’s important […] Read More

How To Add An Author Info Box In WordPress Without Any Plugin?

add author box in wordpress

One of the main parts of a WordPress post is the author info section. Along with every blog post, you would see its author. But do you know how to add an author info box in WordPress theme? There are many plugins which can help you to add an author box in WordPress. But it’s […] Read More

How Can You Design Search Box Which Is Added To Your Website?

design search box

In the previous tutorial, I have provided the guide to add search box in WordPress theme. But people fret when they see the defaultĀ output of the search box. They try to match the appearance of the search box with their website. The color combination and the proper look of the input field and the submit […] Read More

How To Add Search Box In WordPress Theme With Custom Form?

add search box in wordpress

The most important thing is to provide the best experience to your readers on your blog. They should be able to search for their requirements on your blog. For which, you have to add search box in WordPress. It can be done by adding the search form in the WordPress theme. When someone visits your […] Read More

How Can You Add Footer Widget In WordPress Theme?

how to add footer widget in wordpress theme

When you look at any WordPress footer area then there maybe three or fours footer widgets available to add the widget items. But do you know how to add footer widget in WordPress theme? If you have been using a theme and now you want to add an extra widget in the footer then you […] Read More