15 Proven Tips To Get More Visitors To Your New Website

Tips to get more visitors

With the use of platforms like WordPress, starting a blog is way easy than ever before but it’s hard to get more visitors to your new blog. There are millions of blogs/websites running on this world wide web but only a few have the real traffic. If you have started your blog with a dream […] Read More

How to Disable Your WordPress Plugin Updates and Why It is a Bad Idea

Disable your WordPress plugin updates

When you read about your website’s security then the most common concept of keeping it updated is always at the top. People even enable automatic updates for WordPress plugins but some of the web developers disable the updates to keep the same website design. Would you prefer to disable your WordPress plugin updates? It’s hard […] Read More

How To Limit Comment Length In WordPress Without Plugin

how to limit comment length in wordpress

If you’re a blogger then you would know the importance of getting the comments. People try hard to write quality comments on others’ blogs but few of them fail. It’s because they don’t put any value in their comments. Have you ever thought to create a limit for the number of characters in your comment […] Read More

How To Add GIFs In WordPress From Giphy Properly

Add GIFs in WordPress

It’s the era where people are more attracted to the visual content. Many people want to add GIFs in WordPress. In the past few years, the usage of these animated GIFs has increased so much. Many bloggers are trying to spread their words through GIFs. You may have noticed that the social media platforms like […] Read More

How To Add Custom Fonts In WordPress Using Typekit

Add custom fonts in wordpress using typekit

Whenever you see an attractive font at any website, you may think about adding to your website too. Well, it can be done by adding the custom fonts. There are many ways to change the typography in WordPress. Typekit is one of the biggest websites having a collection of thousands of custom fonts. You will […] Read More

15 Email Marketing Mistakes You Wish Not To Make

Email marketing mistakes

This is an era where marketers, bloggers, and business owners try their best to leverage their email list to get more exposure. But there are many common email marketing mistakes which can ruin your business and personal brand. In the past few years, people have embraced their one on one strategies but the concept of […] Read More