How to Add a Maintenance Page Using the .htaccess File In WordPress

Add a maintenance page using the .htaccess file

You may think about changing your web hosting or doing an overhaul of your website. At such point, you should know how to add a maintenance page using the .htaccess file. It’s because you wouldn’t want your readers to see the changes you would be making. It shouldn’t be accessed by anyone else except you […] Read More

Get More LinkedIn Endorsements With These 11 Proven Tips

Get more LinkedIn endorsements

LinkedIn has become one of the best professional networks where people are getting their jobs, freelance projects and what not. There is a unique concept included in every LinkedIn user’s profile termed as endorsements. Endorsements are one of the ways to check anyone’s creditability. There are millions of users on LinkedIn and it’s really hard […] Read More

When and How to Make Your WordPress Blog Private

Make your WordPress blog private

Just a few days ago, when I was building a website for one of my clients, a concept came into the light. Suppose you want to hide the content of your blog, how would you make your WordPress blog private? As you all know that many people have their personal blogs and they don’t want […] Read More

14 BulletProof Tips to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area

Protect your WordPress admin area

It’s been a brainstorming session for many WordPress users due to the poor security of their websites. That’s why it’s always recommended to protect your WordPress admin area. It’s because the wp-admin page is considered as one of the places where hackers can find vulnerabilities and can exploit your website. I don’t need to mention […] Read More

15000 LinkedIn Followers: My Personal Journey You Should Know About

15000 LinkedIn followers

I have always loved LinkedIn because of its professional aura. Today, I will be sharing my journey from 0 to 15000 LinkedIn followers. In the past few years, I have come across many social media platforms but never really felt for any of those. As I always say, you don’t need to be everywhere person. […] Read More