Are You Blogging For Money or Your Passion For Writing

Blogging for money

This is one of the biggest questions arises when someone starts blogging. People ask, are you blogging for money or is there any passion related to writing? In the past few¬†years, I have noticed many people trying to find an answer to this question. People are making a living just because of blogging. Can you […] Read More

15 Commonly Asked Questions by Every WordPress User

commonly asked questions by every WordPress user

Millions of blogs are running on WordPress platform and there are many commonly asked questions by every WordPress user. Every now and then, people try to find the solutions to their problems. BloggingLove has been there to provide every possible WordPress tutorial since 2014. Sometimes people get scared because of some small issues. People are […] Read More

Are Coding Skills Necessary to Run a WordPress Website

are coding skills necessary

Before starting a blog, people always ask a question “are coding skills necessary to run a WordPress website“. This can be tricky because not everyone is knowledgeable about such concepts. For most of the people, starting a WordPress website means something technical is involved. They have no idea about how WordPress works. To make it […] Read More

6 Things To Do After Restoring Your WordPress Website

Things to do After Restoring a WordPress Website

I don’t need to tell you that people are getting shattered because millions of websites get hacked every year. People take help and clear their website. But there are many things to do after restoring your WordPress website. You can use the backup of your website to make it live again. Read More

How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website Safely

backup and restore your WordPress website

Having a WordPress website isn’t enough, you should know how to backup and restore your WordPress website. Backing up is always recommended whereas restoring the backup is required in case your website gets hacked. You would also need this if you change your domain name or shifting from one web hosting to another. These are […] Read More

How Can You Disable Blog Features in WordPress Properly

Disable blog features in WordPress

You may have noticed many websites which don’t have the blog section. Yes, you can disable blog features in WordPress within a few minutes. Just a few days ago, one of our clients asked as if what should be done to totally remove the blog section. Well, WordPress allows you to hide it but it […] Read More