How To Add Your WordPress Website To Google Search Console

add your wordpress website to google search console

During the process of starting your blog, you need to take a crucial step which lets Google know about that someone has started a website. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add your WordPress website to Google Search Console. There are thousands of guides telling you about SEO optimization. This is the first […] Read More

How To Customize WordPress Login Page Without Coding

customize wordpress login page without coding

Have you ever thought to change the design of your login page? If you’re running a membership or multi-user website then you should definitely redesign it. When it comes to web designing, those codes start rolling in your mind. Well, in this tutorial, you will learn the best possible way to customize WordPress login page […] Read More

How To Uninstall A WordPress Plugin Completely From The Database

uninstall a wordpress plugin completely

If you’re running a WordPress website then you would know the importance of the plugins. You can find a plugin for everything. WordPress repository consists thousands of plugins. But after using any plugin, you always remove it from your WordPress plugin’s list. Just like everyone, you use the uninstall button below the plugin. Have you […] Read More

Your Stupid Habits Are The Reasons Why Influencers Aren’t Noticing You.

why influencers aren't noticing you

People dream about being successful but few of them reach their dream position. In this era of social media, people are really into getting noticed by the professionals. It’s one of the most common social anxiety faced by many business starters, bloggers and many else. The journey of building a brand begins when you enter […] Read More

How To Create A Professional Email Signature With Gmail

create a professional email signature

Just yesterday, I was searching for an email and found an interesting feature of Gmail. Do you know that you can create a professional email signature using your Gmail account? Yes, this is something which can add the value to your emails. Whenever you send an email, you try to be more professional. Well, having […] Read More

How To Add Custom Code In WordPress Header And Footer Area

how to add custom code in wordpress header and footer

Whether you install Google Analytics or embed any code of Google AdSense, you would need to add the code in the header or in the footer area. Just a few days back, I read a Facebook update where someone was asking the same question. Do you know how to add custom code in WordPress header […] Read More