How To Send Emails From WordPress Using Gmail SMTP?

send emails from wordpress using gmail smtp

WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send notifications to its users. Whether it’s about sending an email regarding the comment approval or anything similar to that. In some cases, the emails getĀ failed and WordPress users don’t even realize it. To solve this problem, many people are using the SMTP( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ). […] Read More

Step By Step Guide To Move A Site From WAMP Server To Live Server.

move a site from wamp server to live server

For developers, it’s quite a common thing to run an offline website to test new products. If you’re running an offline website on the WAMP server then you must know that you can test WordPress themes and plugins before using online. People are smart enough to secure their online website. Many plugins are poorly coded […] Read More

18 Powerful Ways Make You Work Smarter To Become The Best Blogger.

work smarter to become the best blogger

Every time you start any business, people tell you to work smarter than harder. Though both are the faces of the same coin but still smarter work always gets more output. So what are you thinking about? The world is running so fast that you don’t even have a place to stand in the market. […] Read More

How To Add Icons With Navigation Menu Items In WordPress?

add icons with navigation menu items in wordpress

You may have noticed at many websites having the images along with the categories shown in the navigation menu. Just a few days ago, I was working on a WordPress theme and this idea stuck in my mind. What do you need to enable those shiny images with every menu item? You will have the […] Read More

How To Add An Audio Music Player In WordPress Sidebar?

add an audio music player in wordpress sidebar

Nowadays, people are adding their podcasts, audio music files to their website. Some people even use their audio to welcome their readers. It’s a great idea to provide a better user experience. You can use it on the landing page of your website. But sometimes, people try to add an audio music player in WordPress […] Read More

Red Alert : Signs That You Should Change Your Web Hosting.

signs that you should change your web hosting

Before you even jump into this blogosphere, it’s always recommended to choose the best web hosting. And if you don’t then it would be a disaster. Many people get so irritated of their web hostings that they finally give up. There are many signs that you should change your web hosting for sure. Read More