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How To Create A Sub-domain In WordPress Using cPanel?

create a subdomain

You may have seen many subdomains at many web sites. Like forum.domainname.com, support.domainname.com and many more. But have you ever thought, how to create a subdomain in WordPress? When you grow your business then you may in need to create a subdomain. It may be for support or any forum. A subdomain can be created Read More

How To Add An Add-on Domain In cPanel At Your Web Host?

how to add an add-on domain

Do you have a web hosting plan at which you can put multiple websites? If you have then you should know how to add an add-on domain in cPanel? There are many bloggers who try to add an add-on at their web host but back out due to technical issues. I mean why is that Read More

How To Create A Database For Your Website Using cPanel?

How To Create A Database

Now its time to know how to create a database for your website? In previous post I have explained about doing backup of the database of your website. But how can your transfer the database if you don't even have it. You first need to know how to create a MySQL database? When you to set Read More

How To Backup WordPress Database Using phpMyAdmin?

backup mysql database

Do you know how to backup your WordPress database? I am here to help you. There is a very simple way to backup database. As you all know that its very important to keep the backup of your database so that if something goes wrong then you can upload your old database again. Moreover when Read More